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Philadelphia Union vs Montreal Impact quick reference

Photo: Paul Rudderow

All-time record: 3–5–6
At Talen Energy Stadium: 2–0–5
At Stade Saputo: 1–5–1
Goals for: 18
Goals against: 25

Did you know…

Roland Alberg scored from the penalty spot in the Union’s last match in league action. The attacking midfielder is now a perfect 6-for-6 from the spot.

April 22, 2017: Philadelphia Union 3-3 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

After going up 3-0 inside the opening 39 minutes, Philadelphia Union allowed Montreal Impact to come all the back to snatch a 3-3 draw in front of 15,107 at a rainy Talen Energy Stadium Saturday afternoon.

Roland Alberg scored twice and C.J. also tallied before Ignacio Piatti scored just before halftime and substitute Anthony Jackson-Hamel netted twice in the second half to earn the visitors a point.

Ambroise Oyongo was a key man in the second half for Montreal. As Pontius tired, Oyongo’s overlaps left Gaddis choosing between the ball and Nacho Piatti. Bad place to be.

PSP Match Analysis Highlights

How does this happen? How does Philly turn a 3-0 lead into a single point?

Any answer should start with personnel, because even with Haris Medunjanin’s ability to spread the field, the Union clearly do not have a roster built for ball retention.

Mauro Biello’s response to the Union’s high pressure defensive scheme was intelligent both in its belief in the original gameplan and in how it turned the high press against itself. The Montreal manager did not pull Oyongo into a safer role, but instead began dropping a second midfielder back to drag Medunjanin forward. Additionally, the defense patiently moved Sapong off Ciman before shifting the ball to the Belgian, who stepped forward, froze Chris Pontius, and played the ball wide to the now-free Oyongo.

PSP Player Ratings Highlights

On Haris Medunjanin – Medunjanin did what he is expected to do for his Union teammates: serve tasty crosses, diagonal passes, and through balls. At his best, he did just that. However, he is partly at fault for two of Montreal’s three goals, not tracking aggressively enough when Ignacio Piatti gutted the Union midfield (though pointing and gesturing with furor) or on the final goal, when a simple knocked down long ball should have been covered by the defensive midfielder.

On C.J. Sapong – With a goal and an assist, Sapong is likely many pundits’ Man of The Match. He was also the victim of no fewer than seven fouls, which in many instances would have earned bookings or a sending off for the men marking him. Whatever “Vintage C.J.” is, this was it.

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Philadelphia Union

Andre Blake, Fabinho, Richie Marquez, Jack Elliott, Ray Gaddis, Haris Medunjanin, Ilsinho (Fafa Picault 66′), Alejandro Bedoya, Chris Pontius (Fabian Herbers 73′), Roland Alberg (Derrick Jones 86′), C.J. Sapong
Unused Subs: Jake McGuire, Oguchi Onyewu, Keegan Rosenberry, Jay Simpson

Montreal Impact

Evan Bush, Hassoun Camara (Kyle Fisher 90+2′), Chris Duvall, Ambroise Oyongo, Laurent Ciman, Hernan Bernardello (Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla 45′), Marco Donadel, Patrice Bernier, Dominic Oduro (Anthony Jackon-Hamel 61′), Ignacio Piatti, Matteo Mancosu
Unused subs:
 Calum Mallace, Adrian Arregui, Daniel Lovitz, Maxime Crepeau

Scoring summary

PHI: Roland Alberg— 5′ (Sapong)
PHI: C.J. Sapong — 23′ (Pontius, Medunjanin)
PHI: Roland Alberg — 39′ (PK)
MTL: Ignacio Piatti — 41′ (Marco Donadel)
MTL: Anthony Jackson-Hamel — 69′ (Oyongo)
MTL: Anthony Jackson-Hamel — 87′

Disciplinary summary

PHI: Ray Gaddis — 43′ (unsporting behavior)
PHI: Roland Alberg — 56′ (unsporting behavior)
MTL: Ignacio Piatti — 55′ (unsporting behavior)
PHI: Alejandro Bedoya — 71′ (unsporting behavior)

September 10, 2016: Philadelphia 1-1 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

Matteo Mancosu’s late goal canceled out Tranquillo Barnetta’s fine effort as Philadelphia and Montreal drew 1-1.

Tranquillo Barnetta gave the Union the lead just before halftime with a fantastic finish from distance, but Philadelphia could not find a second goal to see the game out.

Montreal started the brighter of the two teams and had the first two chances of the match. Ignacio Piatti was at the center of both chances, first crossing for Lucas Ontivero, who couldn’t turn it in from five yards and then finding Patrice Bernier who shot wide from close range as well.

Mancosu would equalize in the 89th minute. Montreal would work a short corner kick routine that ended with Donny Toia serving the ball from the corner of the box on the right side. The ball would bounce inside the Union box and Mancosu was quickest to react at the back post, heading home from close range over the outstretched Andre Blake.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

In a match where offensive movement was hard to come by, the goals were always likely to come out of nowhere. And boy, did they ever.

Joshua Yaro had found Keegan Rosenberry in a national park’s worth of space. Rosenberry completed the rookie connection to Herbers, and the Creighton product tapped a lame cross into Laurent Ciman’s feet. The ball popped back out, and Yaro took advantage of Armando Villareal’s ludicrous willingness to allow contact by bumping Nacho Piatti to the ground. Given another chance, Herbers took a shot in the back in order to lay the ball off to Tranquillo Barnetta, who did the rest.

There are few new takeaways from the visitors’ tying goal. It was yet another case of the Union looking disorganized and unprepared for a defensive set piece, with players quickly losing their marks once the ball was in play. In this case, Hernan Bernardello was wholly unmarked at the top of the box and once the ball was played to him, man-marking turned to mayhem.

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Philadelphia Union
Andre Blake, Fabinho, Richie Marquez, Joshua Yaro, Keegan Rosenberry, Warren Creavalle, Alejandro Bedoya, Tranquillo Barnetta, Fabian Herbers (Ilsinho 70′), Chris Pontius (Roland Alberg 82′), C.J. Sapong
Unused Subs: John McCarthy, Ray Gaddis, Walter Restrepo, Ken Tribbett, Brian Carroll, Charlie Davies

Montreal Impact
Eric Kronberg, Ambroise Oyongo, Laurent Ciman, Hassoun Camara, Donny Toia, Marco Donadel (Harry Shipp 80′), Ignacio Piatti, Lucas Ontivero (Dominic Oduro 70′), Patrice Bernier (Didier Drogba 61′), Hernan Bernadello, Matteo Mancosu
Unused subs: Maxime Crepeau, Victor Cabrera, Kyle Bekker, Calum Mallace

Scoring Summary
PHI: Tranquillo Barnetta (Fabian Herbers, Alejandro Bedoya) — 45′
PHI: Matteo Mancosu (Donny Toia, Hernán Bernardello) — 89′

Disciplinary Summary
PHI: Chris Pontius (unsporting behavior) — 20′
MTL: Laurent Ciman (unsporting behavior) — 34′
PHI: C.J. Sapong (unsporting behavior) –54′
MTL: Hassoun Camara (unsporting behavior) –60′

July 23, 2016: Montreal Impact 5-1 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

Montreal Impact administered a comprehensive, team-wide beatdown on Philadelphia Union on Saturday night at Stade Saputo, sending an an off-the-pace Union side to a 5-1 defeat — their worst loss of the season.

Didier Drogba notched his second MLS hat trick with goals in the 19th, 42nd, and 52nd minutes, each time the beneficiary of outstanding work by Ignacio Piatti and friends.  The Union pulled one back off a classy header by Chris Pontius in the 72nd minute, but Piatti answered with a blasted finish from 17 yards in the 86th minute. Matteo Mancosu put the capper on Philadelphia’s humiliation with a goal in stoppage time.

From the first minute, the Union looked lethargic. Whether the cause was fatigue from the 120 minute U.S. Open Cup match midweek, a poor tactical plan or players out of form, the result was a disastrous outing from the blue and gold.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

The Union actually got through the first 18 minutes fine, playing with a controlled aggression that looked to keep Montreal away from the goal without stretching the team shape. It was a good road strategy, and even as the home side probed the left channel, they never got near goal. The nagging issue, however, was that Philly was playing crab soccer with the ball: A lot of sideways and nothing going forward. Roland Alberg, who needed to pop up in spaces that Tranquillo Barnetta vacated, did not.

And after the first 15 minutes, the Union became far more passive defensively. They sat deeper, put less pressure on Montreal’s holding midfielders, and struggled to decipher the movement of Ignacio Piatti and Harry Shipp, who both rotated into and out of the left channel. On the other side, Ray Gaddis experienced a nightmare trying to figure out how to handle Michael Salazar and Didier Drogba.

Whether this passivity was planned, bad execution, or pure lethargy is difficult to tell, but it torpedoed any chance of the Union forcing the Impact to push extra men forward and expose their makeshift back line.

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Philadelphia Union
Andre Blake, Ray Gaddis, Richie Marquez, Josh Yaro, Keegan Rosenberry, Brian Carroll, Tranquillo Barnetta, Chris Pontius, Roland Alberg (Fabian Herbers 57′), Sebastien Le Toux (Walter Restrepo 57′), C.J. Sapong (Leo Fernandes 78′)
Subs not used: John McCarthy, Fabinho, Ken Tribbett, Warren Creavalle

Montreal Impact
Evan Bush, Donny Toia, Hassoun Camara, Victor Cabrera, Ambroise Oyongo, Patrice Benier, Calum Mallace (Marco Donadel 67′), Michael Salazar, Ignacio Piatti (Lucas Ontivero 89′), Harry Shipp, Didier Drogba (Matteo Mancosu 79′)
Subs not used: Eric Kronberg, Amadou Dia, Kyle Bekker, Dominic Oduro

Scoring Summary
MTL: Didier Drogba (Ambroise Oyongo, Ignacio Piatti) — 19′
MTL: Didier Drogba — 42′
MTL: Didier Drogba (Ignacio Piatti) — 52′
PHI: Chris Pontius (Walter Restrepo, Fabian Herbers) — 72′
MTL: Ignacio Piatti (Ambroise Oyongo) — 72′
MTL: Matteo Mancosu (Patrice Bernier) — 90 + 1′

Disicplinary Summary
MTL: Michael Salazar (Unsporting Behavior) — 26′
PHI: Tranquillo Barnetta (Unsporting Behavior) — 27′
MTL: Calum Mallace (Unsporting Behavior) — 50′
PHI: Ray Gaddis (Unsporting Behavior) — 76′
MTL: Patrice Bernier (Unsporting Behavior) — 76′

May 14, 2016: Montreal Impact 1-1 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

Philadelphia Union weathered both a literal and figurative storm in Montreal on Saturday afternoon, earning a 1-1 draw on a miserable day at the home of the Eastern Conference leaders.

Fresh off a ferocious match with Los Angeles, the Union were overwhelmed in the first 10 minutes of the match, and Didier Drogba gave Montreal the early lead on a powerful shot in the third minute. Philadelphia, though, recovered slowly and worked a fine team goal finished by C.J. Sapong in the 24th minute. Both sides pushed and probed throughout the second half, creating few clear cut chances, and a draw was a fair result on the day.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

After giving up points at home to Los Angeles, Philadelphia Union snatched a point from the Eastern Conference-leading Montreal Impact with a tough road performance. Going down a goal in the second minute forced Philly to show maturity and defying all our worst fears, they did just that.

PSP Postgame Quote Sheet

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Philadelphia Union
Andre Blake, Keegan Rosenberry, Josh Yaro, Richie Marquez, Ray Gaddis, Warren Creavalle, Vincent Nogueira (Brian Carroll 74′), Tranquillo Barnetta (Roland Alberg 84′), Chris Pontius (Fabian Herbers 66′), Sebastien Le Toux, C.J. Sapong
Unused Subs: John McCarthy, Fabinho, Ken Tribbett, Walter Restrepo

Montreal Impact
Evan Bush, Ambroise Oyongo, Victor Cabrera, Laurent Ciman, Maxim Tissot, Marco Donadel, Harry Shipp (Kyle Bekker 56′), Partice Bernier (Lucas Ontivero 73′), Dominic Oduro, Ignacio Piatti, Didier Drogba (Johan Venegas 70′)
Unused Subs: Eric Kronberg, Hassoun Camara, Wandrille Lefevre, Lucas Ontivero, Michael Salazar

Scoring Summary
MTL: Didier Drogba – 3′
PHL: C.J. Sapong (Sebastien Le Toux, Chris Pontius) – 24′

Disciplinary Summary
MTL: Ignacio Piatti (dissent) – 36′
MTL: Marco Donadel (foul) – 50′
MTL: Ambroise Oyongo (foul) – 80′
PHL: Ray Gaddis (foul) – 81′

August 22, 2015: Montreal Impact 0-1 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

In what was a rather dull game eventually enlivened by long-awaited substitutes, Philadelphia Union earned their first-ever win in Montreal, 1–0. Sebastien Le Toux scored for the fourth time in five league games (fifth in six including the US Open Cup semifinal) after good work from CJ Sapong and substitute Eric Ayuk, and the Union spoiled the MLS debut of Didier Drogba, pulling themselves within a point of the sixth place Impact in the conference standings.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

Philadelphia Union did not need a pretty win. They did not need a convincing win. They did not even need a lucky win. They needed any win.

And they got it.

The Union have now won three games with 34, 35, and 36 percent possession respectively. That is quite the… achievement?

PSP Postgame Quote Sheet

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Philadelphia Union
Andre Blake, Fabinho, Richie Marquez, Steven Vitoria, Ray Gaddis, Brian Carroll, Michael Lahoud (Vincent Nogueira, 66), Tranquillo Barnetta (Eric Ayuk, 75), Cristian Maidana, Sebastien Le Toux, CJ Sapong
Unused Substitutes: John McCarthy, Ethan White, Warren Creavalle, Fernando Aristeguieta, Conor Casey

Montreal Impact
Evan Bush, Donny Toia, Laurent Ciman, Wandrille Lefevre, Ambroise Oyongo, Marco Donadel, Calum Mallace (Anthony Jackson-Hamel, 81), Dilly Duka (Didier Drogba, 59), Johan Venegas, Andrés Romero (Justin Mapp, 69), Dominic Oduro
Unused Substitutes: Eric Kronberg, Victor Cabrera, Kyle Bekker, Nigel Reo-Coker,

Scoring Summary
PHI — Sebastien Le Toux (Erik Ayuk, CJ Sapong) — 78

Disciplinary Summary
MTL — Marco Donadel (Unsporting Behaviour) — 25
PHI — Fabinho (Unsporting Behavior — 73
MTL — Dominic Oduro (Dissent) — 90 + 2

June 27, 2015: Philadelphia Union 2-2 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

Philadelphia Union battled Montreal Impact to a 2-2 draw at a rainy PPL Park on Saturday night. Eric Ayuk and Ignacio Piatti tallied in the first half before Jack McInerney and Maurice Edu traded goals in the second to leave each team with one point.

In a match played almost entirely in torrential rain, both teams finished with ten men as Patrice Bernier and Eric Ayuk earned second yellow cards and were sent off in the latter half.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

If not for the Union’s immovable US Open Cup match with DC United this Tuesday (and Montreal’s packed schedule following a deep CONCACAF Champions League run), this game may have been postponed.

Both sides immediately knew they were in for a challenging evening when the ball alternately skidded over the slick surface and splashed to a stop in puddles of standing water. In fact, the first cross of the match yielded near-panic at the back for Montreal as Evan Bush quickly rushed off his line, only to realize that the wind was sending the ball hooking and swirling well away from his grasp. Playing soccer in those kinds of conditions is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Two basic rules apply:

Step 1: Play simple.

Step 2: Play in the attacking half…

But in the end, as Montreal learned how to effectively battle the conditions, it was the Union who began to get caught out in the back.

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Philadelphia Union
Brian Sylvestre, Fabinho, Richie Marquez, Maurice Edu, Ray Gaddis, Brian Carroll (Fred 72′), Vincent Nogueira, Cristian Maidana (Sheanon Williams 81′), Eric Ayuk, Zach Pfeffer (Andrew Wenger 57′), CJ Sapong
Unused Subs: Andre Blake, Ethan White, Dzenan Catic, Antoine Hoppenot

Montreal Impact
Evan Bush, Donny Toia, Ambroise Oyongo, Laurent Ciman, Victor Cabrera, Patrice Bernier, Ignacio Piatti, Dilly Duka (Marco Donadel 62′), Andres Romero (Nigel Reo-Coker 86′), Calum Mallace, Dominic Oduro (Jack McInerney 60′)
Unused Subs: Eric Kronberg, Maxim Tissot, Bakaray Soumare, Wandrille Lefevre

Scoring Summary
PHI: Eric Ayuk (CJ Sapong) — 8
MTL: Ignacio Piatti (Dilly Duka) — 28
MTL: Jack McInerney (Andres Romero)— 70
PHI: Maurice Edu— 75

Disciplinary Summary
MTL: Andres Romero (foul) — 17
MTL: Patrice Bernier (foul) — 27
PHI: Maurice Edu (foul) — 40
PHI: Eric Ayuk (foul) — 62
MTL: Patrice Bernier (foul – second yellow) — 67
MTL: Donny Toia (foul) — 72
PHI: Eric Ayuk (foul – second yellow) — 77

August 9, 2014: Philadelphia Union 2-1 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

Sebastien Le Toux notched a brace and Philadelphia Union held off a late Montreal Impact rally for a 2-1 victory at PPL Park on Saturday night.

Carlos Valdes made his first start since his return on Monday from a year-and-a-half loan spell in South America, going the full 90 for the Union. New goalkeeper signing Rais Mbolhi was not available as he tended to a personal matter in Europe…

Former Union man Jack McInerney also returned to PPL Park for the first time this season since his trade to Montreal in April and was given a proper welcome from the Sons of Ben, who took every opportunity to jeer him.

An announced attendance of 18,703 was hand for a beautiful night at PPL Park that featured a great deal of unattractive soccer.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

It’s a good thing that Montreal felt like giving away three points on Saturday at PPL Park because other than Sebastien Le Toux, the Union never looked interested in taking them for themselves.

Despite lining up against the weakest team in MLS, and sporting a superior team at nearly every position, the Union elected to play negatively, sitting deep and relying on infrequent counterattacks and long balls. Fans could be forgiven for having flashbacks to 2011 with Le Toux working tirelessly up front, banging in goals that were far more about effort and hustle than they were about quality, while Carlos Valdes spent the evening bailing his team out at the back.

PSP Photo Essay

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Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath, Raymon Gaddis, Carlos Valdes, Ethan White, Sheanon Williams, Maurice Edu, Brian Carroll, Vincent Nogueira (Fred 86′), Sebastien Le Toux, Danny Cruz (Andrew Wenger 62′), Conor Casey (Brian Brown 72′).
Unused Subs: Michael Lahoud, Amobi Okugo, Fabinho, Andre Blake

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins, Eric Miller, Matteo Ferrari, Wandrille Lefevre, Krzysztof Krol, Patrice Bernier, Justin Mapp (Maxim Tissot 75′), Felipe Martins (Dilly Duka 67′), Andres Romero, Gorka Larrea, Jack McInerney (Andrew Jackson-Hamel 67′).
Unused Subs: Evan Bush, Karl Ouimette, Calum Mallace, Issey Nakajima-Farran

Scoring Summary
PHI: Sebastien Le Toux — 12′
PHI: Sebastien Le Toux (Andrew Wenger) — 63′
MTL: Maxim Tissot (Andrés Romero) – 79′

Disciplinary Summary

April 26, 2014: Montreal Impact 1-0 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

On a day of sloppy weather and sloppier play, Montreal Impact took one of its chances, while Philadelphia Union took none and fell, 1–0.

The Union once again dominated all the meaningful offensive categories except the most important one, never looking likely to score a goal from open play and squandering set piece opportunities with poor service. It is yet another bad result for a team now seriously underperforming.

PSP Analysis and Player Ratings Highlights

The song remains the same. The Union were a better team, but they made costly errors and failed to score on one of the worst defensive teams in MLS. Even after beating the Union, Montreal retains the worst plus/minus in the league.

The loss itself is disheartening. But after a toothless display in Houston, the fact that a changed lineup went out and put out a very similar effort makes this Union performance the hardest to accept so far this year.

Postgame Quotesheet

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Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath, Ray Gaddis, Aaron Wheeler, Amobi Okugo, Sheanon Williams (Conor Casey, 81′), Brian Carroll, Maurice Edu, Vincent Nogueira, Fabinho (Antoine Hoppenot, 61′), Danny Cruz (Cristian Maidana, 66′), Andrew Wenger
Unused substitutions: Andre Blake, Austin Berry, Sebastien Le Toux, Leo Fernandes

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins, Jeb Brovsky, Hassoun Camara, Karl Ouimette, Jack McInerney, Justin Mapp, Patrice Bernier, Collen Warner (Calum Mallace, 54′), Felipe Martins (Eric Miller, 89′), Marco Di Vaio (Maxim Tissot, 78′)
Unused substitutions: Santiago González, Evan Bush. Heath Pearce, Blake Smith

Scoring Summary
MTL: Felipe Martins 14′

Disciplinary Summary
PHI: Maurice Edu (Dissent) 2′
MTL: Karl Ouimette (Foul) 16′
MTL: Hassoun Camara (Foul) 37′
MT: Jeb Brovsky (Off the ball foul) 40′
PHI: Ray Gaddis (Foul) 84′

Referee: Baldomero Toledo
Attendance: 19,075

March 29, 2014: Philadelphia Union 1-1 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

For the second time in the young 2014 season, the Philadelphia Union conceded a late goal to turn a deserved victory into a frustrating 1-1 draw.

Playing at a rain-soaked PPL Park, the Union were the dominant side for large periods of the match. Yet, after Vincent Nogueira opened his Union account in the 35th minute, the home side was unable to either score a second goal or see out a 1-0 result.

While the Union may have thought that Andrew Wenger’s 76th minute red card would put an end to Montreal’s attempted fightback, Marco Di Vaio nabbed his first goal of the season, helping the Impact steal a draw on the road for their first point of the season.

PSP Player Ratings and Analysis Highlights

The Union turned a win into a draw Saturday for the second time this season, continuing a pattern from last year. They could be sitting atop the standings. Instead, they’re mid-table.

But it’s early, and this is a team still feeling itself out. Who are the best 11? How best do these pieces fit? That is still a question to be answered for this team, as one would expect with a team that acquired so many key, new parts in the offseason.

PSP Photo Essay

PSP Postgame Video and Quotesheet

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Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath; Ray Gaddis, Amobi Okugo, Aaron Wheeler, Fabinho; Brian Carroll, Maurice Edu, Vincent Nogueira; Sebastien Le Toux (Antoine Hoppenot ’82), Jack McInerney (Conor Casey ’71), Cristian Maidana (Leo Fernandes ’57)
Unused substitutes: Andre Blake, Ethan White, Corben Bone, Michael Lahoud

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins; Heath Pearce, Hassoun Camara, Matteo Ferrari, Eric Miller; Justin Mapp, Hernan Bernardello, Felipe Martins (Karl Ouimette ’87), Collen Warner (Patrice Bernier ’74), Andres Romero (Andrew Wenger ’60); Marco Di Vaio
Unused substitutes: Jeb Brovsky, Santiago Gonzalez, Blake Smith, Evan Bush

Scoring Summary
35 – PHI: Nogueira (McInerney)
80 – MTL: Di Vaio (Mapp)

Discipline Summary
26 – MTL: Camara (caution)
36 – MTL: Warner (caution)
48 – PHI: Fabinho (caution)
64 – MTL: Ferrari (caution)
76 – MTL: Wenger (ejection)

Referee: Edvin Jurisevic
Attendance: 15,691

October 19, 2013: Montreal Impact 2-1 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

Despite controlling the match for the first hour, the Union coughed up their first half lead and ultimately all three points to the Montreal Impact, losing 2-1 at Stade Saputo.

With Montreal struggling for goals and the Union needing a victory to keep any realistic playoff hopes alive, John Hackworth would have been relieved to see his side go 1-0 ahead when Kleberson threaded the needle, sending Fabinho in behind to lash home past Troy Perkins.

When Montreal manager Marco Schallibaum changed his team’s tactics though, the Union had no response.

PSP Player Ratings and Analysis Highlights

Carrying a lead and momentum into the halftime break, both John Hackworth and Marco Schallibaum had choices to make. Both managers needed a win and following a toothless first half performance, Montreal never looked like beating Zac MacMath.

So Schallibaum’s team made some changes. Less long balls to the less than towering Marco Di Vaio, better use of the wings and – eight minutes into the second half – a formation-changing substitution.

When Andrew Wenger replaced Patrice Bernier, the Impact suddenly became the potent attacking team the rest of MLS had seen throughout the first half of the season. Both Justin Mapp and Davy Arnaud got on the ball to beat their marks, DiVaio floated around finding space, and Felipe sat in a more traditional playmaker’s spot, pulling the strings.

The results were staggering. Montreal stormed back to claim not only the equalizer, but also the seemingly inevitable match winner.

In other words, the Union punched, Montreal counterpunched, and the Union got knocked out.

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Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath; Sheanon Williams, Amobi Okugo, Jeff Parke, Ray Gaddis (Roger Torres ’88); Danny Cruz (Leo Fernandes ’77), Kleberson, Brian Carroll, Fabinho; Conor Casey, Jack McInerney (Antoine Hoppenot ’67)
Unused substitutes: Oka Nikolov, Matt Kassel, Gilberto, Aaron Wheeler

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins; Karl Ouimette, Alessandro Nesta (Wandrille Lefevre ’89), Matteo Ferrari, Hassoun Camara; Patrice Bernier (Andrew Wenger ’53), Hernan Bernardello; Davy Arnaud (Andrea Pisanu ’71), Felipe Martins, Justin Mapp; Marco Di Vaio
Unused substitutes: Evan Bush, Maxim Tissot, Collen Warner, Andrew Romero

Scoring Summary
30 – PHI: Fabinho (Kleberson)
64 – MTL: DiVaio (Arnaud)
84 – MTL: Ouimette (Mapp)

Discipline Summary
39 – PHI: Carroll (caution)
41 – PHI: Casey (caution)
56 – MTL: DiVaio (caution)
76 – MTL: Ferrari (caution)
89 – MTL: Camara (caution)
89 – PHI: Okugo (caution)
92 – MTL: Pisanu (caution)

Referee: Silviu Petrescu
Attendance: 18,993

August 31, 2013: Philadelphia Union 0-0 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

“Despite dominating large portions of Saturday night’s Eastern Conference showdown with the Montreal Impact, the Philadelphia Union could not convert their chances and settled for a 0-0 draw.

“Philadelphia entered the game coming off a performance a week ago in which they surrendered 5 goals, while Montreal scored 5 against Houston the day before. The Union’s makeshift defense, minus the suspended Amobi Okugo, figured to be on display.

“Instead, the Impact chose to sit back and employed typical, if dour, road tactics.

“In the end, the Union remained the aggressor, but the combination of Troy Perkins’ gloves and some less than sharp finishing saw the match end goalless.”

PSP Player Ratings and Analysis Highlights

“Playing on the road is tough in MLS… Few teams have struggled as mightily as the Montreal Impact on their travels…The relative ease that the Impact has swept teams away in Montreal stands in stark contrast to their inability to find goals and results on the road.

“Saturday night’s match at PPL Park seemed like a performance that was not far from the regular script. Despite coming off a five-goal performance at home against Houston, Montreal was sloppy, sluggish and downright disinterested against a Union side who was fresh off a five-goal defeat and sporting a back line missing perhaps its most critical piece.”

PSP Photo Essay

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Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath; Ray Gaddis, Sheanon Williams, Jeff Parke, Fabinho; Sebastien Le Toux, Brian Carroll, Keon Daniel, Danny Cruz (Antoine Hoppenot ’73) ; Jack McInerney (Kleberson ’80), Conor Casey (Aaron Wheeler ’86)
Unused substitutes: Oka Nikolov, Michael Lahoud, Michael Farfan, Leo Fernandes

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins; Hassoun Camara, Matteo Ferrari, Alessandro Nesta, Jeb Brovsky; Justin Mapp, Hernan Bernardello (Collen Warner ’85), Patrice Bernier, Andres Romero (Sanna Nyassi ’56);  Felipe Martins (Davy Arnaud ‘78), Marco Di Vaio
Unused substitutes: Andrea Pisanu, Daniele Paponi, Evan Bush, Adrian Lopez

Scoring Summary

Discipline Summary

Referee: Edvin Jurisevic
Attendance: 18,339

May 25, 2013: Montreal Impact 5–3 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

“Philadelphia Union fell 5-3 to Montreal on Saturday in a shootout that saw Marco DiVaio net a first half hat trick.

“In a match thoroughly dominated by the hosts, the Union got two goals back in the second half, but a porous defensive display saw Montreal build on its lead with each Philadelphia goal.”

PSP Player Ratings and Analysis Highlights

“Another quality opponent, another multi-goal defeat.

“Unlike in the losses to LA Galaxy and Sporting Kansas City, however, the Union never looked like they were a match for their opponents. Even Jack McInerney’s 5th minute equalizer came from a Montreal mistake, not from any particularly inspiring play from the Union.

“While the back line has shouldered much of the blame—and rightfully so—for the five goals deposited in the back of Zac MacMath’s net on Saturday night, there is plenty of blame for the entire team and coaching staff to share.”

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Scoring Summary
2 – MTL: DiVaio (Wenger, Mapp)
5 – PHI: McInerney (Farfan)
28 – MTL: DiVaio (Mapp)
32 – MTL: DiVaio (Romero)
69 – PHI: Hoppenot (Okugo)
74 – MTL: Wenger (Martins)
85 – PHI: Le Toux
90 – MTL: Smith (Bernier)

Discipline Summary
44 – PHI: Farfan (caution)
70 – MTL: Martins (caution)
90 – MTL: Smith (caution)

Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath; Sheanon Williams, Amobi Okugo, Jeff Parke, Ray Gaddis; Michael Farfan (Keon Daniel ’78), Brian Carroll, Kleberson (Antoine Hoppenot ’65), Danny Cruz (Conor Casey ’60); Sebastien Le Toux, Jack McInerney
Unused Substitutes: Chris Konopka, Matt Kassel, Don Anding, Leo Fernandes

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins; Jeb Brovsky (Karl Ouimette ’77), Matteo Ferrari, Alessandro Nesta, Dennis Iapichino; Justin Mapp, Felipe Martins, Patrice Bernier, Andres Romero (Blake Smith ’60); Marco DiVaio (Sinisa Ubiparipovic ’85), Andrew Wenger
Unused Substitutes: Evan Bush, Wandrille Lefevre, Sanna Nyassi, Collen Warner

Referee: Juan Guzman
Attendance: 17,104

August 4, 2012: Montreal Impact 2–0 Philadelphia Union

PSP Match Report Highlights

“A late first half header by Andrew Wenger and a golazo from Felipe Martins in the second half made sure the Impact avenged their 2-1 loss at PPL Park from a few weeks ago.”

“The game took a controversial turn midway through the second half when Montreal’s Nelson Rivas was sent off for head-butting Antoine Hoppenot. It was a ridiculous foul and Rivas deserved his marching orders. Jack McInerney was sent off following the head-butt for stepping in to defend his teammate and shoving Rivas.”

PSP Player Ratings and Analysis Highlights

“The headed finish from Wenger left MacMath little hope, so questioning the goalie’s shot-stopping ability is off the table here. What must be determined is: Who is organizing the defense on set pieces?”

“Brian Carroll, Michael Lahoud, and Michael Farfan may be the best combination the Union currently have in the middle, but their defensive organization remains lacking, and when one of the three is pulled wide by a good run, the space through the center looks so large Peter Nowak’s ego could dribble through it untouched.”

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Scoring Summary
MTL 44′ Andrew Wenger (Patrice Bernier, Justin Mapp)
MTL 78′ Felipe Martins (Hassoun Camara)

Disciplinary Summary
MTL 65′ Matteo Ferrari (Yellow, Foul)
PHI 69′ Jack McInerney (Red, Fight)
MTL 69′ Nelson Rivas (Red, Fight)
PHI 89′ Gabriel Gómez (Yellow, Foul)

Philadelphia Union
MacMath, Williams, Okugo, Valdes (c), G. Farfan, Carroll, Lahoud  (Hoppenot 61′), M.Farfan, Adu (Gomez 80′), Pajoy (Martinez 73′), McInerney

Montreal Impact
Ricketts, Ferrari, Rivas, Nesta, Camara, Bernier, Warner, Mapp (Nyassi, ’61), Martins, Arnaud, Wenger (Brovsky 70′)

Referee: Ismail Elfath
Attendance: 18,535

July 14, 2012 Philadelphia Union 2–1 Montreal Impact

PSP Match Report Highlights

“A dramatic stoppage time winner from Carlos Valdes saw Philadelphia Union grab a last minute 2-1 victory Saturday against the expansion Montreal Impact.”

“After he flicked a header off former Union defender Shavar Thomas, the ball fell back to Valdes. He then slid it beneath the sprawling Ricketts and sent PPL Park into euphoria and the Union into the lead to stay.”

PSP Player Ratings and Analysis Highlights

“With so little quality in the attack, the Union owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Valdes and Okugo for once again keeping them in a match where the midfield and offense underperformed.”

“Missing top players on both sides of the ball, Jesse Marsch took the defensive route, packing his team into their own half, with only Felipe Martins sitting beneath Marco Di Vaio as out and out attackers. Rather than look to possess the ball, Montreal waited for the Union to make mistakes. A more clinical team would have punished the Union for their sloppy build-up play.”

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Scoring Summary
82 – PHI: Pajoy (Hoppenot)
89 – MTL: Own goal
90 – PHI: Valdes (Williams)

Discipline Summary
60 – PHI: McInerney (caution; simulation)

Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath: Sheanon WIlliams, Amobi Okugo, Carlos Valdes, Gabriel Farfan; Brian Carroll, Michael Lahoud (Gabriel Gomez ’66), Freddy Adu (Lionard Pajoy ’46); Keon Daniel, Jack McInerney, Josue Martinez (Antoine Hoppenot ’60)
Unused substitutes: Chase Harrison, Raymon Gaddis, Roger Torres, Chris Albright

Montreal Impact

Donovan Ricketts; Zarek Valentin (Dennis Iapichino ’85), Hassoun Camara, Shavar Thomas, Jeb Brovsky; Collen Warner (Sinisa Ubiparipovic ’85), Patrice Bernier, Felipe Martins, Davy Arnaud, Justin Mapp (Lamar Neagle ’69); Marco Di Vaio
Unused substitutes: Evan Bush, Eduardo Sebrango, Josh Gardner, Karl Ouimette

Referee: Juan Guzman
Attendance: 18,544

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