Postgame video and quote sheet: Union 1-1 Impact

Photo and video: Daniel Gajdamowicz

John Hackworth’s postgame press conference

Postgame locker room interviews with Brian Carroll, Jack McInerney, Ray Gaddis, Maurice Edu and Amobi Okugo

Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

John Hackworth
On whether or not this game reminds him of games from last season in which the teams gave up late goals

“No, it’s just unfortunate. I don’t think we are the same team as last year. I don’t want to make that comparison. We were definitely in similar situations last year and had similar results.  It’s something we have to get over.”

On Marco Di Vaio’s goal

“There were a lot of breakdowns on that play. We didn’t defend Di Vaio very well. There was  a lot going on in that play that we could’ve done to prevent to never get put in that situation. There were things even when we had the ball. We had a great attack a couple seconds before that. A lot situations we have to correct this week.”

On the midfield and whether or not they need to be a bit more selfish at times

“I thought we could’ve been more selfish. We could’ve taken on guys one-v-one in many chances today. It wasn’t our midfielders specifically. A lot of players were reluctant to go one-v-one. That hurt us a little bit. We passed the ball an awful lot, but we passed it when we should’ve taken a guy on the dribble and getting a cross off. We have to have more variety in our attack.”

On making the right combination of substitutions

“I don’t think the end result was because of the substitutions. I think it was because we didn’t do a lot of things in that second half. We are up a goal, at home, we’re out playing an opponent and we’re up a man. There were so many little details in that second half. The fact that we don’t score a second goal when we clearly had the chances, our willingness not to take those opportunities — there’s a lot in there. My opinion is that it wasn’t the substitutions.

On whether he was frustrated by the result considering Montreal only had one shot on target

“It just adds too it. We prepare for it all week. We know that’s the dangerous thing. You have to give a lot of credit to Di Vaio. He’s a brilliant goal scorer. He’s proven it in this league that he’s one of the best. We knew it was coming at some point and we have to do a better job of dealing with it.”

On what needs to be adjusted for next week’s game against Chicago

“I just think it’s responsibility. I think the players need to take responsibility for when they have it [the ball]. When they have it, they have to go for it. There were clearly a lot of situations when guys could’ve taken shots or gone one-v-one. We just didn’t do that and you want to see that balance.”

Vincent Nogueira
On the chances he had and the one he missed

“The difference is that it was 1-0 instead of 2-0.  I would have been happy to score another one, as it would have made a huge difference; it would have been 2-0 instead of 1-0 at halftime. We probably would have been able to hold that result if it would have been 2-0.”

On his first goal for the Union

“I was happy to be able to get a goal; it is always good to get a goal for a new team… I am just upset about the result. Scoring goals is not my main task but I am always happy to be able to score.”

Aaron Wheeler
On his playing time

“It’s great, everyone wants to play… if you are a professional athlete you should be happy. I am excited right now, I am trying to hold on to my job, it is hard to get a job in this league but it is even harder to keep it so I am trying to do my best to contribute to the team.”

On the Di Vaio goal

“He’s a world class player and he got one opportunity.  He is doing what he’s paid to do which is finish the ball.  An unlucky deflection that loops from what you think is an impossible angle… unlucky, but it is what it is.”

On his new role as a center back

“I don’t want people to look at me as a converted forward, I want people to judge how they judge the other center backs in the league.  I want you to be judged as a center back and that is the position that I am playing. I don’t need any soft critics; I am just going out there and trying to do things to the best of my ability.

Amobi Okugo
On the sequence of Di Vaio’s goal

“We gave the ball in the midfield.  I was recovering with Wheeler and Justin [Mapp] played a good ball to Di Vaio… I was one on one, he shot and I deflected it and it went in. It was tough as that was their only clear cut chance and it went in.

On what needs to be done differently to finish off these type of games

“Once we get the first goal I feel that we can step on the other team’s throat… 4 games 4 goals is not good enough and we keep other teams in the games and they have one chance and one goal and that’s what happens.”

On Wheeler’s transformation as a center back

“Aaron is first and foremost a soccer player, and he can play any position. Last year he did great as a forward and right now is filling in at center back and he is doing admirably. I feel like he is done a great job.”

 Montreal Impact postgame quotes

Frank Klopas
On beating the elements and the game against the Union

“You never know how the game will go, but for me it was a game in which we played well. You look into the way the goal was given up, something had to give and it did. For us being a man down, showing a lot of character as a group, some good moments in the game, walking away in a difficult place to play and getting a point. The way we have to come back and fight shorthanded long periods of time it is a very positive result and we can build on for sure, momentum you can just see some things shift. It is a long season and know we have to go back to work with more enthusiasm, work even harder, guys showed tremendous character.”

On overcoming being man down and was the red card a fair decision

“Listen, it is never fair when my player gets kicked. It is hard for me to say from there, he made a challenge. I did not review it, but I have to review it, and go from there”

On Marco (Di Vaio’s) missing some chances in the first half, and getting better as the game went on

“When you have players like that, it takes just one moment. It is guys that you never take off the field, 89 minutes they have chances, he gets the ball one special play that he can pull off , that is why the guy’s you never take off, because they have one magic moment in them. I thought he worked extremely hard, we are different the way we played, way more dangerous. When you get four or five chances, that is a huge goal for us.”

On (Marco Di Vaio’s) really long run

“When I saw him, I told him you have ten years left in you, after that run, that was amazing. It was 80 yards, he outran some fast guys out there.”

On getting that first result of the season

“I think it was important because we can talk all we want playing well as a team working extremely well and training. I also think it is important from a confidence standpoint for the group. You do the right things in training, you prepare the team and the results do help from a mentality standpoint, but the guys again showed a lot of character. It is one point at a time. I remember last year with me, we were able to get some players back and everything started from there. It is a long season, we got to stay grounded, we still have a lot of work left in us, but now the enthusiasm is even higher, and the guys are going to go back to work, even harder which is good, but the group mentality has been good from the beginning but results do help.”

Heath Pearce
On the conditions and getting a point

“Obviously we would of liked to get three points today. I thought we started the game strong, I thought we made a few errors that did not put us on the back foot in the first half. Our hold up play, we did not keep the ball as well as we could of in the first half and we obviously gave up a bad goal. Going into the second half I thought we came out with a really strong mentality. Even when we down a man we showed some resiliency and we were able to pull out a point.”

On having a red card, going down a man and getting something out of it

“You never want certain circumstances to kind of light a fire under you, but I thought the second half we came out strong and even down a man it was not clearly visible other than the fact we were playing direct that we were down a man. We were compact, we played as a group, we were covering for each other, our reactions were fast and anytime our reactions are that quick, we were covering for each other and reacting to the game the right way you have a good chance to get a result. Obviously we wanted three points, but a point is fair ”

On Marco’s Di Vaio’s impact and his first game back from suspension

“He is busy, he is always over the field for us. He covers a lot of ground for us, he gets into good spots for us and obviously he finishes a great chance for us, which gives us a point on the road. He made a huge impact on the game for us today. It is good to have him back.”

On starting again and feeling healthy

“Yeah a hundred percent. I feel great it has been close to nine months since I played a 90 minute match, so it is good to get back on the field. Obviously it would have been nice to get three points, a few things I need to get better at, but good to be back.”

Patrice Bernier
On not having the best conditions and getting a result out there

“For us it is a big point, after four games we have to come out with something. The situation we are in, we have to get something. The first half was a bit difficult, I think we made some mistakes, gave them some opportunities. They took hold, they took the lead, and we never really found our feet in the first half, can’t put the reason on the field, but I think it is more we never really put the foot on the ball and try to control the game or try to kill it out. Second half we came out with more energy, first five or ten minutes I think we could of tied up the game, maybe even take the lead, we had some good chances. Matter of fact it took us a red card to maybe step twice and have more energy to get the goal. Right now I have to say it is a great point to take.”

On the character of the team to get a red card and pulling out a result

“It is great character to show that when we get the red card, but we still have to look at that we are not right when we are 11 v 11. We know that we have quality, but we are not demonstrating right now, but at least we can take the fact that the last few minutes we showed character. We bunched up together, we got the goal, got a result away, right now that point is big for us.”

On not starting and being more determined subbing in being down a man

“Yeah it is a tough decision, it is tough to take especially being in the situation I am in terms I want to bring to the team. The decision made, this is something that happened but I told myself if I had an opportunity to come in I tried to help the team. At the end of the day, the coach has to make a decision, even though I do not necessarily like it, I got to live with it and can turn it into a positive and now I am happy we came out with a point, next week will be another week.”


  1. love how hack talks about taking responsibility and then ducks it on the question of his subs

  2. Nice safe questions. “How is the feeling in the locker room?” Really? The Union response to questions sounds like delusional BS. Poor babies need to GTFU! By the way both teams were playing under the same conditions, but Montreal gets a valuable point on the road. When ever a team is struggling or wants to get their game going just look to see when you’re playing Philly. The Union are so accommodating. No points?, Scoring draught?, loosing streak? Not a problem just come to Philly. Once again Brian Carroll winds up being the catalyst in a turn over that puts this team in a position to loose points. He is the last person on the team who should have the ball at his feet in the dying moments of a game. It’s not all him obviously because he played well for most of the game. The Union just seem to always put themselves in a situation to fail. Hackworth needs to team McInerney with Casey. At least Fernandez has the killer instinct and skill to go for it. Hoppenot is not the answer when this team needs to manufacture goals. This team’s inability to score is a reflection of the coaching and culture. This team was a man up and played like the short handed team.

    • Not too sure if Jack Mac is the answer either. He has become very inconsistence and doesn’t really know how to pick the sweet spots of the goal, instead he has been taking is shots right at the keeper. He has to work on that. When the U were picking up new and improved players I was getting worried about our offense in that they weren’t looking for a quality striker like a Di Vaio. I thought maybe im over reacting but right now it seems like I was right to worry a bit.

      • I agree totally. They should’ve gotten a name striker a while ago. However this organization had such a roll over and they did bring in Casey. Plus they had ssssssssoooooooo many holes to fill. If this organization is committed to being a viable competitive franchise they should be looking. I said it before McInerney is not the go to guy people think he is. He is a piece to a puzzle. If they could get rid of Mawanga then Jack Mac can also be traded or demoted depending on what’s out there. It still comes down to Hackworth’s coaching and weekly preparations. If he runs a professional franchise like a U17 camp then this team is in trouble until Hackworth is gone. So far he can’t even take the tepid heat from a post game interview which also shows in the way the players respond to questions about performances. I still say we need a coach who has played at the professional level.

      • Yea I agree, Casey is a good striker and forward but he’s not getting any younger! that’s going to effect his performance. I gave Hack a ton of credit for creating a great squad but by changing the team He’ll have to change as well and he’s not doing that. for example, Carroll should not be starting, captain or not, he has not been smart with the ball at his feet this season. yes he’s had a couple of good plays here and there but he’s been turning the ball over like he’s playing on the other team. He is also a good player but not what the Union need right now to progress. I think its time to bring in Rebriero or try Fernadez up top, he is at least hitting the back of the net and picking corners.

  3. The Black Hand says:

    Ha! “Can we get a little head bobble, to see what it looks like?” Well played, sir!

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