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Postgame analysis: Philadelphia Union 3-2 New York Red Bulls

PSP’s Shayan Waseh breaks down the good (Ilsinho) and the bad (late runners) from Saturday’s big win.

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Defensive Statistics: Philadelphia Union 3-3 Real Salt Lake

Davis Russell takes a look at the Union’s defensive performance in the draw against Real Salt Lake.

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Defensive Statistics: Philadelphia Union vs Colorado Rapids

A look at the defensive statistics from Saturday’s draw with Colorado.

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Some end of season stats, 2010-2012

A look at some end of season stats from 2010 through 2012.

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Big tallies

Over the previous five games, the Union have scored 2 or more goals 3 times, winning twice. They’ve also conceded 2 or more goals twice for 2 losses. What’s happening statistically when the Union have conceded or scored 2 or more goals?

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Union goals: Letting them in, putting them in

A look at Union goals allowed on the road, their tendency to give up late goals allowed, and a comparison of their offensive numbers over their three season history.

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1-1-1 against TFC: What was going on?

The Union went 1-1-1 against the worst team in the league. We look at some match stats to try to understand why they didn’t go 3-0-0.

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Where the goals come from

A look at Union goals for and against after 25 games, including the dramatic rise in headed goals allowed this season.

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Adu vs Farfan, statistically

Adu expected to be the playmaker when he arrived at the Union but Farfan has more often been given that role. What do the stats say about their play?

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Shots and goals, or the lack thereof

A look at the Union’s stats for shots and goals.