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The belly is round… the game… somewhat looks like soccer

The reason is that soccer, in its accessibility, also tempts an unattainable mastery that spurns the chase.

Fans' View

Fan’s view: A trip to Nashville

Ben Brecher shares the story of his travel to last week’s match in Tennessee.

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Fan’s view: High expectations not yet met

Ben Brecher reviews the Union’s underwhelming MLS results, looking for positives and negatives.

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Fan’s view: A book of history

Ben Brecher explains how a World Cup sticker book can open up a new world of possibility.

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Fan’s view: Looking back at my preseason predictions

Fan’s view contributor Ben Brecher reflects on what he got right and wrong all the way back in February.

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Fan’s view: A trip to Texas

Ben Brecher shares his experiences from following the Union to Frisco, Texas last week.

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Fan’s view: What’s the DOOPing problem?

In today’s Fan’s View column, Ben Brecher diagnoses causes and prescribes solutions to the Union’s muted goalscoring record.

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Fans’ view: Is Daniel Gazdag a true difference maker?

In this Fans’ View piece, Ben Brecher argues that Daniel Gazdag needs to show more in the No. 10 role.

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Fan’s view: Reflecting on the Union’s best start ever

Fan’s view writer Ben Brecher describes what he’s seen so far from the hot-starting Union.

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Fan’s view: What’s ahead this season for the Union

In the return of our Fan’s View series, Ben Brecher shares his predictions for this Union season.