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Chris is the captain of noted PSP feeder club, West Philly FC, and the co-host of the All 3 Points podcast (@all3points). He once played for Team USA in a little tournament in Chile (the Maccabi Pan-Am Games) and used to be a local rock star (where "star" is meant to connote he was in a band).

Photo by Earl Gardner

A cold Wednesday night in North Philly

PSP’s Chris Gibbons shares the story of a memorable encounter on the pitch with a former Union star.


An ode to the Union fans, both far and near

Happy holidays from all of us at Philly Soccer Page


A (nearly too late) 2020 Union holiday buying guide

A guide for buying gifts for the Union fan in your life


Eating crow: Andre Blake in 2020

Andre Blake followed up his forgetful 2019 campaign with a league-best 2020 one. Find out why.


Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 0-2 New England Revolution

The Union were bounced from the MLS Playoffs Tuesday night, but there’s more to it than just the loss.

Union match reports

Match report: Philadelphia Union 2-0 New England Revolution

The Philadelphia Union won the 2020 Supporters’ Shield, capping a stellar season with a 2-0 win over the New England Revolution.


How to be happy on Sunday afternoon

Expectations are high for the Union, are rightly so. Here’s how to be happy on Sunday no matter what happens.


Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 5 – 0 Toronto FC

As good as it is, the 5-0 scoreline doesn’t paint the whole picture of what happened on Saturday.

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A top 10 (or so) from 10,000 posts and counting

To celebrate 10,000 posts on PSP, Chris Gibbons delved into the archives to compile a list of notable posts from the last 11 years. Read on for a trip down memory lane.

Analysis / Featured / Union

Match analysis: Toronto FC 2-1 Philadelphia Union

The Cliff of Union Despair apparated into existence again Saturday. Fans weren’t happy with a listless performance, but there are reasons why it happened.