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End-of-season roster turnover sees some longtime players depart

Cory Burke, Paxten Aaronson, and Cole Turner have left the Union. Tim Jones looks at how the moves fit into the organization’s history and pipeline.


The Change Strip: World Cup 2022 kit rankings, part 2

Thomas Hill wraps up The Change Strip’s jersey rankings with the top 16 shirts of the competition.

Photo by Earl Gardner

The Change Strip: World Cup 2022 kit rankings, part 1

Thomas Hill takes The Change Strip to the World Cup, ranking the bottom half of the 32 shirts to be worn over the next month.


Grief, loss, and the Philadelphia Union

There are five stages of grief and Union fans find themselves going through them this week


The Union should be hosting MLS Cup

It’s time to fix the metrics by which a team hosts MLS Cup, writes Chris Gibbons.

Commentary / The Overlap / Union

The Overlap: Still climbing

Jeremy Lane relives a storybook night, and wonders where this story ends.

Commentary / For Pete's Sake

Rematch with NYCFC a chance to salve an old wound

Peter Andrews on the seemingly inevitable path from last season’s Eastern Conference Final to this season’s rematch with NYCFC.


Living in a simulation

We’re living in a simulated universe and the Philadelphia Union are proof.


Union II’s first 2022 post-season friendly

Tim Jones presents the data available about Philadelphia Union II’s first post-season friendly, a 3-2 win at home.

Commentary / Union

Was the Charlotte loss a blessing in disguise?

Jim O’Leary tries to turn nothing into something.