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Senior writers

Adam is a former Haverford College soccer player who understands soccer tactics about as well as anyone out there. He is also a former division commissioner for the Casa Soccer League. He writes about Philadelphia Union and provides the kind of tactical analysis rarely seen in the United States. Follow him on Twitter @adamtcann. He can be reached at

Mike has been organizing soccer in Philadelphia in one way, shape, or form since 2004 and is the former vice president and former treasurer of Philadelphia’s Casa Soccer League. He writes about the U.S. Women’s National Team and contributes to game day coverage of the Union for the PSP. His illustrious 25-year soccer career includes few championships and even fewer goals. Follow him on Twitter @mikeservedio.

As PSP’s Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, Peter Andrews covers the Union from the far side of the United States. He has reported on the Union and USMNT from ten different venues in the U.S. and Canada, and writes a regular column for PSP. He is a graduate of Berkeley Law School and a proud native of Wilmington, Delaware. Follow him on Twitter @pfandrews.

Staff writers

Ryan is a freelance writer and filmmaker living in Philadelphia. He is a staff writer and editor for PSP.

Anyone who can name Ernesto Lopera and Pat Fidelia among his favorite players has been a fan of Philly footy for a long time. He is a club founder, coach, ref, and original Union season ticket holder.

Nick is a south Jersey native and freelance writer who fell in love with soccer during the 2006 World Cup. Catch him on twitter @nick_fishman or email him at

Chris is co-host of the All Three Points podcast and a one-time star player and current captain of the noted PSP feeder club, West Philly FC. We’d tell you more, but his bio only tells us that he has children, likes quality American spirits, and is a poor finisher in front of goal. Given the nature of the first and third of these points, the second becomes more relevant.

Tim is a southwestern Ohio buckeye transplanted to Chester County, as well as a retired high school soccer coach and teacher with an encyclopedic love of history.

In high school, Jeremy was a half decent fullback. In college, he became a mediocre winger/striker. Since then, he’s actually gotten pretty good, and now, on the wrong side of 30, wishes he could have been so as an 18-year-old. Alas. Jeremy writes about the U.S. Men’s National Team, among other things, and co-hosts the All Three Points podcast with Chris Gibbons. Follow him on Twitter @MrJeremyLane.

Jim is a freelance writer and social media savant who grew up in the Lehigh Valley but now opines on Philly soccer from the wilds of Georgia. Follow him on Twitter @thejimoleary.

Eli is an architect by trade. Previously PSP’s lead Union and USMNT writer, he now occasionally writes about U.S. national teams. Follow him at @PSP_Eli.

Chris is a data scientist who was a mediocre left back and center back for the Upper Dublin High School … JV team. He then got a Computer Science & Business degree from Lehigh University and a Master’s’ degree from Northwestern University in Predictive Analytics. He likes data and building programs to do his thinking for him.

Josh grew up in Olney playing for Olney AA and went to Central HS, where he warmed the bench. After college, he taught, coached and played in Uganda at Christ School Bundibugyo. He returned to Philadelphia, where he has taught and coached high school soccer for ten years, currently leading the boys team at his alma mater. His novel, Nobody Says Hi Anymore, was published in 2014.

Steven is a freelance copywriter living in South Philadelphia. He not only writes for PSP but serves as a copy editor behind the scenes. He enjoys geeking out on literature, film, and soccer. You can see what he’s up to at


Daniel is a freelance photographer and videographer based in Philadelphia. He played college and minor league soccer in Europe. His photos have been published by Reuters, and he runs Daniel Studio photography. In addition to shooting photos for PSP, he films and produces PSP’s video of interviews, news conferences and other events and serves as PSP’s video editor.

Earl is a self-taught photographer and has spent the last 15 years documenting explosive demolitions around the world with his camera. (If you’ve seen any of those Discovery Channel shows, then you’ve seen his work.) When not on the road, he enjoys shooting concerts and Philadelphia Union. Earl loves the community and friendships that the Union has brought him. Fortunately, he has a wonderful and understanding wife who allows him to obsess over soccer and not give him too much crap for his jersey and scarf collection. She even let him name their French Bulldog Zizou. You can see some of Earl’s work photographing things blowing up, concerts, and, of course, the Union, here. Follow him on Twitter @EarlWGardner.

Paul got back into photography after buying a digital camera a couple of years ago.  Since then, he has been practicing taking sports pictures of his three kids.  Paul has almost 40 years experience in playing and coaching soccer, which helps him anticipate where the action is heading. He currently serves as PSP’s photo editor.

Rob is a freelance photographer based in Pennsylvania.


Ryan is a student at York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Mass Communications with a passion for videography. He is an avid soccer fan who produces various videos for PSP. Follow him on Twitter @ryanrgriffith. You can also reach him at


By day, Greg is an editor for KYW, the Philadelphia region’s highest rated radio station. Once a week, he enters the studio to interview some of the top names in soccer as the host and producer of KYW Philly Soccer Show podcast. He also contributes local soccer coverage to PSP. Outside of covering the beautiful game, Greg is the bassist for the local band Zer0. Follow him on Twitter @GFO1025.

Steve is Philadelphia labor attorney, and soccer coach and player and a historian of Philadelphia soccer history and perhaps the leading historian of the Philadelphia Atoms. The info on  history of soccer in Philadelphia on the Union website? That was him. He is also a collector of historical footage of US soccer history, examples of which you can view on his YouTube channel. Follow him on Twitter at @Section107RowA.

Tech consultant
  • Bill Whitehead

Dan spent 12 years as an award-winning writer for newspapers and magazines. He dreamed up PSP in 2009, was its first chief editor, and served as PSP’s lead columnist until 2017. He now lives in Italy. Contact him at See more at at

Ed thought he was, at best, a mediocre midfielder in high school. He realizes now that he was terrible. After a long career in music as a drummer for bands such as Napalm Sunday, the Friggs, the Wipeout Gang, Emma, Ashtabula, and Bardo Pond, numerous North American and European tours, two Peel Sessions, and more than forty records, Ed went to grad school and now has a day job in academic publishing. He also works at The 700, a bar in Northern Liberties, where he curates Footy on the Telly. One of the organizers of the Northern Liberties Music Festival between 2002 and 2013, in 2007 he helped to organize an indoor soccer pickup game on Tuesday nights at the Northern Liberties Rec Center that continues to thrive. He is proud that a Philadelphia soccer history piece he wrote was for PSP was used in the 2012 MLS All-Star Game program. Ed spent over five years as PSP’s managing editor before taking a breather in early 2017. You can reach him at Follow him on Twitter @FarnsworthPSP.

Rashaad grew up in Burlington County and followed MLS since its inception. He is somewhat of a world traveler. He works behind the scenes for PSP as a copy editor.

Past contributors

Roger Allaway, Ford Bohrmann, Michael Cann, Tim Carr, Barb Colligon, Rolando de Aguiar, Carlo deMarco, Andrew Desiderio, Sean Doyle, Seth Finck, Allison Frank, Maura Gladys, Joshua Hsu, Andrew Huff, Kevin Kinkead, Michael Long, Chris Luczkowiak, Kyle Mathiot, Bob McBride, Alison Mickel, Phil Naegely, Don Norton Jr., Conor O’Grady, Eli Pearlman-Storch, Ryan Pine, Casey Pladus, Jim Prestifilippo, Earl Reed, Davis Russell, Adam Schorr, Brion Shreffler, Alfredo Silva, Nicolai Stoian, Dan Stover, Ben Tracy, Matt Giovanisci, Tim Uhrich, and John Whitesall.

Fans’ View contributors

Joe Cosella, Scott Ellis, Seth Finck, Chris Gibbons, Staci Klemmer, John Ling, James Lockerbie, BJ Nolek, Scott Pugh, Chris Rudderow, and James Scharnitz

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