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Philadelphia labor attorney and soccer coach, player, sabermetrician and historian. Intermittent host of The Front Row podcast. Follow him on Twitter at @soccermavn.

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Force majeure? A look at the current MLS labor situation

With the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on MLS’s finances, PSP’s Steve Holroyd breaks down where things now stand between the league and the players.

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A tale of two titles

The Union aren’t the first Philadelphia soccer team to win silverware. Steve Holroyd looks at the differences between now and 1973, when the Philadelphia Atoms captured the NASL title.

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PSP Seven-a-side Draft: Steve Holroyd

The first of our seven-a-side teams is anchored by the first pick in the draft, Ilsinho.

CBA Negotiations

Where everyone can be a striker: A brief look at sports labor law

With the MLS CBA set to expire this week, PSP’s Steve Holroyd offers a primer on sports labor law.

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Russians, Atoms, and the birth of indoor soccer

Forty five years ago a team from Philadelphia faced off against the Red Army, and shifted the course of soccer in our country for decades.

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Chasing 67: Josef Martinez and the American goal-scoring record

Steve Holroyd takes a look at the numbers to see how Josef Martinez’s season ranks with some of the best in U.S. Soccer history.

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Meet the Spartans: Philly’s original pro team

The Philadelphia Spartans were the city’s first major league professional soccer team. Steve Holroyd recounts their story, from inception to demise.

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Putting the book in: American soccer literature to read this winter

Steve Holroyd gives you some of the best American soccer books to read this winter.

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Coming in from the cold: The National (Indoor) Soccer League

Soccer historian Steve Holroyd takes a look back at the old National Soccer League, an indoor league worth remembering.


Legal analysis: Why is US Soccer suing the union representing the USWNT?

PSP contributor and labor lawyer Steve Holroyd breaks down the issues at play in US Soccer’s lawsuit against the union representing the US women’s national team.