Articles written by: Steve Holroyd

Philadelphia labor attorney and soccer coach, player, sabermetrician and historian. Intermittent host of The Front Row podcast. Follow him on Twitter at @soccermavn.

US Soccer History

Pro/rel and the “Fricker Plan”: Killed or never was?

Was a plan to introduce promotion/relegation in US professional soccer before the 1994 World Cup killed? Steve Holroyd looks at the evidence.

Commentary / US Soccer History

Another soccer war?

Steve Holroyd on what happened the last time two professional soccer leagues were rivals for Division I status in 1967.

CBA Negotiations

A historic win…maybe

Labor lawyer Steve Holroyd breaks down the winners and losers in the new CBA and what happens next.

CBA Negotiations

What happens if the players go on strike?

Wondering what happens next if the players strike? Labor lawyer and soccer historian Steve Holroyd has some answers.

CBA Negotiations

Mediation to the rescue? Not necessarily.

MLS and MLS Players Union have agreed to bring in a mediator to assist with the CBA negotiations. PSP contributor and labor lawyer Steve Holroyd explains what this could mean.

CBA Negotiations

A primer on lockouts in pro sports

The MLS Players Union members are prepared to strike if a new CBA isn’t negotiated before the start of the season on March 6. While MLS has not countered with the threat of a lockout, recent sports history has shown that to be a real possibility. Steve Holroyd has a primer on lockouts.

CBA Negotiations

Where everyone can be a striker: A brief look at sports labor law

PSP contributor — and labor lawyer — Steve Holroyd has a quick primer in labor law and collective bargaining agreements in pro sports as the expiration of the MLS CBA approaches.

Philadelphia Soccer History

It’s time to remember the Ukrainian Nationals

Steve Holroyd on the remarkable record of the Ukrainian Nationals, which included four US Open Cup titles between 1960 and 1966.

US World Cup History

When the US beat Belgium in the World Cup

The last time the US played Belgium in the World Cup was 84 years ago in the inaugural World Cup. The US won, 3-0.

Philadelphia Soccer History

Philly and the New York Cosmos

Steve Holroyd looks at the history of the Philadelphia Atoms and Philadelphia Fury against the New York Cosmos in NASL play between 1973 and 1980.