CBA Negotiations

CBA Negotiations

Where everyone can be a striker: A brief look at sports labor law

With the MLS CBA set to expire this week, PSP’s Steve Holroyd offers a primer on sports labor law.

CBA Negotiations

A historic win…maybe

Labor lawyer Steve Holroyd breaks down the winners and losers in the new CBA and what happens next.

CBA Negotiations

What happens if the players go on strike?

Wondering what happens next if the players strike? Labor lawyer and soccer historian Steve Holroyd has some answers.

CBA Negotiations

Mediation to the rescue? Not necessarily.

MLS and MLS Players Union have agreed to bring in a mediator to assist with the CBA negotiations. PSP contributor and labor lawyer Steve Holroyd explains what this could mean.

CBA Negotiations

A primer on lockouts in pro sports

The MLS Players Union members are prepared to strike if a new CBA isn’t negotiated before the start of the season on March 6. While MLS has not countered with the threat of a lockout, recent sports history has shown that to be a real possibility. Steve Holroyd has a primer on lockouts.

CBA Negotiations

Where everyone can be a striker: A brief look at sports labor law

PSP contributor — and labor lawyer — Steve Holroyd has a quick primer in labor law and collective bargaining agreements in pro sports as the expiration of the MLS CBA approaches.

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Bradley signing strengthens eastward shift in MLS

Western Conference dominance may finally be over, and that bodes well for Major League Soccer. PSP’s Earl Reed explains.

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MLS announces details of new CBA

MLS finally announces the nitty gritty of the new CBAm including league-wide increases in salary, increases in the minimum player salary, a new “re-entry draft,” quality of life improvements and the establishment of a group to study the reintroduction a MLS Reserve Division.

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The new MLS CBA: further details

The MLS and the MLS Players Union “have reached agreement in principle” on a new collective bargaining agreement which will allow the new season to start on time. Here are further details on what MLS commissioner Don Garber and Players Union executive director Bob Foose said in the announcement of the agreement.

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MLS Labor Update (CBA Announced!!)

MLS owners and MLS players union announced a new Collective Bargaining Agreement today just after 1PM. Details are still hazy, but as expected the league conceeded some points to retain its single-entity structure. Read more…