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The greatest bad idea in American sports

Thomas Hill looks at the surprise decision to not award the Supporters Shield at the end of the 2020 MLS Season.

Photo by Earl Gardner
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It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Jim O’Leary suggests the Union take the path of least resistance on their way to the MLS Cup Playoffs.

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Match analysis: Toronto FC 2-1 Philadelphia Union

The Cliff of Union Despair apparated into existence again Saturday. Fans weren’t happy with a listless performance, but there are reasons why it happened.

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The Union are good now, but for how long?

That’s probably not The Cliff of Union Despair in the distance, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other hazards to navigation to be aware of.

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The most beautiful, stunning, and sexy soccer jersey in the history of the world.

Thomas Hill looks forward to his hopes for the Union’s next secondary kit.

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We are waiting for the Union

Not quite excitement and not quite panic, patience is the Union’s new mood for 2020.

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Jim Curtin needs to learn to trust himself

The Union’s head coach has grown into his role, earning the trust of his players and to a lesser extent the fans. So why can’t he trust himself?

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Jamiro Monteiro’s journey from unemployment to MLS star

Six years ago Jamiro Monteiro was without a club and without prospects. Now, he’s starring for one of MLS’s best. PSP’s Nick Fishman tells Monteiro’s story of perseverance.

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Consider Context

How good or bad the Union are is entirely dependent on how good or bad the rest of the league is.

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Night games and narratives

The opaque mathematics of television broadcast scheduling means some people may not have seen what happened on Sunday Night. But that’s no excuse for letting pre-conceived notions of “good” teams dictate how they talk about the game.