Frequently asked questions

  • Is the Philly Soccer Page a fan blog?

No. We’re fans of the sport, but our approach is that PSP is something between a blog and the soccer sports section you wish you had in a local newspaper. It’s an online soccer magazine where contributors are open about their allegiances, sometimes write opinion pieces, but stick primarily to independent-minded coverage of the local clubs. PSP’s contributors include several professional photographers, an award-winning newspaper and magazine reporter, an editor at Philadelphia’s top AM news radio station, and the author of a forthcoming book on Philadelphia’s soccer history, among others.

  • Does The Philly Soccer Page get official MLS media credentials?

Yes. We send one writer and one photographer to every Philadelphia Union home game (and some road games) and US National Team games in the Philadelphia area, which means we have one person in the press box and another field side shooting photos.

  • What soccer background(s) do the Philly Soccer Page’s contributors have?

Most played at the high school, college or semi-professional levels. Nearly all have played in adult amateur leagues. Several have been involved with running the Casa Soccer League, which since its 2006 founding has grown to become the largest adult amateur league in the Philadelphia area.

Send us the information via our Contact page or direct email to efarnsworth@phillysoccerpage.com and dwalsh@phillysoccerpage.com. Click the links above to see what information we look for.

  • How can become a contributor to Philly Soccer Page?

Check out our Help Wanted page.

  • Who produces the Philly Soccer Show?

KYW’s Philly Soccer Show podcast is recorded at the Center City studio of KYW Radio, the CBS radio affiliate in Philadelphia. CBS produces the podcasts and runs the technical side of things. KYW editor Greg Orlandini co-hosts the show with PSP contributors.

  • Can PSP help me find a team to play for?

If you’re looking for adult leagues, we recommend you try our Adult Leagues page for info on local leagues. PSP was founded as a side project of Youth Soccer page.

  • A post on PSP looks different than when it was originally posted. Why?

The nature of online publishing allows us to edit a post at any time. So we do. PSP is a side project for all its contributors. So sometimes with breaking news, an editor won’t have time to edit a post until after it’s gone live. They get it when they can. If a major edit is done after a post has been live a while, we’ll note it.

PSP was launched by a Casa Soccer League board member, and some of our contributors play or have played in the league. However, this is not a Casa web site.

  • Which is correct: phillysoccerpage.com or phillysoccerpage.net?

You can access the site at both URLs. Yes, we grabbed both domains.

  • Can you add (insert your idea) to the Philly Soccer Page?

Email us via our Contact page. We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions.