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Rethinking MLS Cup

Ben O’Brien thinks it’s time for MLS to rethink the playoff format.

MLS Rules

MLS teams need autonomy in evolving market

Is it time for MLS to allow its clubs more autonomy to better compete in the global soccer market? Earl Reed explores.

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Bradley signing strengthens eastward shift in MLS

Western Conference dominance may finally be over, and that bodes well for Major League Soccer. PSP’s Earl Reed explains.

MLS Rules

Would replay help referees make key decisions?

While the referee disallowed Keon Daniel’s goal against Houston, PRO said after the game that it was the wrong call. Could video replay have helped the ref to make the right call?

MLS Rules

Loans between MLS teams given green light for 2013

MLS recently announced a new intra-league loan mechanism. Does is it make sense? Who from the Union might be a possible candidate for a loan? Earl Reed explores.