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Philadelphia labor attorney and soccer coach, player, sabermetrician and historian. Intermittent host of The Front Row podcast. Follow him on Twitter at @soccermavn.

Philadelphia Soccer History

Jack Mac and Philly soccer’s greatest American goalscorers

Jack McInerney isn’t only chasing MLS’ Golden Boot, he’s on track to place himself among the all-time leading American goalscorers in Philadelphia soccer history. Steve Holroyd recounts some of Philly’s greatest goalscorers, including four National Soccer Hall of Famers.


Be very afraid: U.S. soccer’s most dominant teams ever

Looking back over ASL I, the NASL, and MLS, which teams were the most dominant? Steve Holroyd explores.

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Who’s better, who’s best: Leveling the pitch to find the best US club sides ever

Steve Holroyd performs some statistical leveling to determine the all-time top 15 US pro soccer teams.

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Looking for a golden age: A statistical analysis of US pro soccer leagues

The ASL in the 1920s has been called the “golden age” of American soccer. Some older fans argue that the NASL was “better” than MLS. Steve Holroyd looks at what the numbers say.

The 1973 Philadelphia Atoms
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Buy local

With Chris Albright, Jeff Parke and Jim Curtin, the Union continue a long tradition of Philly pro soccer teams having a distinctly local flair. Results on and off the field justified the approach.

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Where’s Wondo among all-time American soccer single season scorers?

Wondo tied Lassiter’s MLS record single-season goal tally before San Jose bowed out of the playoffs. How do the numbers compare to all-time American soccer goal scoring records? Steve Holroyd explores.

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Greatest season ever? Wondolowski v Lassiter

Though Chris Wondolowski equaled Roy Lassiter’s 1996 record of 27 goals in season, he did so with more games played (and more PKs scored). Which player had the greatest season by a goalscorer in MLS history?

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Haggis Wit’: Scots footballers in Philadelphia

With Scottish players making moves to MLS, and Celtic soon to be playing Real Madrid at the Linc, PSP looks at Philadelphia’s history of players from the land of heather.

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Chelseas in Philly

Ahead of Chelsea’s visit to Philadelphia for the MLS All-Star game, PSP remembers three notable Chelsea players who spent time with Philadelphia teams—Harold Brittan, Peter Osgood, and John Dempsey.

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Before Hoppenot, there was Fidelia

A supplemental draft pick from New Jersey whose first language is French lighting up games as a super sub—sound familiar? Meet Pat Fidelia of the NASL’s Philadelphia Fury.