Articles written by: Steve Holroyd

Philadelphia labor attorney and soccer coach, player, sabermetrician and historian. Intermittent host of The Front Row podcast. Follow him on Twitter at @soccermavn.

US World Cup History

Landon Donovan wasn’t the first US World Cup snub

Much of the US soccer community was shocked by the omission of Landon Donovan from the US World Cup roster. Steve Holroyd takes a look at some of the surprising US World Cup roster omissions that preceded Donovan’s.

Philadelphia Soccer History

The ASL’s “Philadelphia Celtic”: Philly’s last chance at success in US soccer’s “Golden Age”

Steve Holroyd looks at the fascinating, if short, history of the ASL’s “Philadelphia Celtic.”

Philadelphia Soccer History

The day Philadelphia used the No. 1 overall pick to select a goalkeeper

Andre Blake is the first goalkeeper in MLS history to be drafted with the No. 1 overall pick. The last goalkeeper to be selected No. 1 overall was Bob Rigby.

US Soccer History

Meet the Babe Ruth of American Soccer

Billy Gonsalves didn’t make US Soccer’s All-time Best XI, but Steve Holroyd explains how he is the Babe Ruth of American soccer.

US Soccer History

While you weren’t watching: The US Best XI you didn’t get to see

Did you know the U.S. national team played games before 1990? The USSF apparently didn’t, given its recent 100th Anniversary Best XI selections. Steve Holroyd investigates.


Can’t stop this: A statistical look at Union goalkeepers

Steve Holroyd uses hockey’s perseverance rating to evaluate Union goalkeepers through the club’s short history.

US Soccer History

Perseverance rating: A better way to statistically evaluate soccer goalkeepers

Steve Holroyd considers how to better statistically evaluate goalkeepers.

Philadelphia Soccer History

So what happened next? A Philadelphia Atoms denouement

Our series commemorating the Philadelphia Atoms’ historic 1973 NASL title concludes with a look at what happened to the team after the championship and the team’s impact on American soccer.

Philadelphia Soccer History

Midnight for Cinderella? The “Atom Bomb” before the 1973 final

Two days after winning their semifinal game against Toronto to advance to the 1973 NASL championship game the Atoms lost two of their most important players, recalled by their home club in England.

The 1973 Philadelphia Atoms
Philadelphia Soccer History

The Philadelphia Experiment takes off

The Atoms opened their inaugural season in relative anonymity. Along the way to the NASL championship, they showed American fans will pay to watch Americans play soccer.