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Still learning soccer after nearly five decades. A southwestern Ohio buckeye transplanted to Chester County. Used to teach history, enjoys new ideas, sometimes bakes bread, is a sports fan, and loves apparently unconnected connections.


Summarizing the Union’s first three preseason scrimmages

With the first leg of the Union’s preseason done, Tim Jones looks at what we can learn from the available data.

Philadelphia Union II

Philadelphia Union II announce new signings

The Union’s developmental side adds a left back and a defensive midfielder, and extends Marlon LeBlanc’s contract.


Expectations for Union II’s 2023 MLS NEXT Pro schedule and roster

Tim Jones forecasts that which can be responsibly guessed about the Philadelphia Union II and its 2023 season.

Philadelphia Union II

Union II offseason news and notes

Tim Jones gleans some updates about the upcoming season for Union II, including a few roster notes.


With more games ahead, the Union’s 2023 schedule will be packed

Tim Jones explores how playing three in-season tournaments within MLS’s 34-game’s schedule will create a sustained, Europe-like frequency of play the Union have never before faced.


What might Ernst Tanner do this offseason?

After the end-of-season press conference, Tim Jones analyzes how the sporting director might fill out next year’s roster.

Commentary / Roster News

End-of-season roster turnover sees some longtime players depart

Cory Burke, Paxten Aaronson, and Cole Turner have left the Union. Tim Jones looks at how the moves fit into the organization’s history and pipeline.

Union Academy

The other Keystone Sports playoff team

The Union Development Squad, the Academy’s oldest team, has made its UPSL conference’s qualifiers and is on the road towards the national playoffs.


2023’s contract status, expansion draft, and free agency

Tim Jones assesses how the Union might address the expansion draft, who the free agents are, and the first-team contract situations.


MLS Cup opponents couldn’t have been built more differently

The Union and LAFC exemplify vastly different approaches to roster building, as Tim Jones explores.