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Still learning soccer after four decades. A southwestern Ohio buckeye transplanted to Chester County. Loves history, new ideas, baking bread, being a sports fan, and apparently unconnected connections. Though he wouldn't tell you, the PSP crew wants you to know he's a retired high school soccer coach.

Schedule news / Union

A closer look at the Union’s 2021 schedule

Tim Jones breaks down the minute details of the Union’s 2021 schedule. Plus, Peter Andrews highlights some of the matches with the most juice.


Preseason scrimmage news and deductions: Orlando City 3-1 Union

A short-handed Union side, focused on conditioning and not picking up additional injuries, did not outscore Orlando in yesterday’s scrimmage.


The state of the first-team’s roster build

As the Union navigates preseason, roster composition suggests that as the season progresses the kids are going to have to play.

Preseason / Union

News from Florida: Chicago 1 – Union 0

Details and observations from the Union’s scrimmage against the Fire.


A closer look at Union II’s preseason

PSP’s Tim Jones dives deep into Philadelphia Union II’s preseason matches, including a close look at the list of players participating.


Newer thoughts about Philadelphia Union II’s 2021 competitive platform

Recent USL announcements cast doubt on a possible MLS U23 Reserve League in 2021, but hints are emerging that Union II will play a meaningful developmental schedule.

USL - Philadelphia Union II

LeBlanc returns as 2021 Union II coach

Marlon LeBlanc will return as Philadelphia Union II head coach for the side’s still-mysterious 2021 season.


Examining the Union’s forthcoming contract negotiations

After compiling available contract data, Tim Jones forecasts 2021’s queue for contract renegotiations.


Thinking about a possible MLS Reserve League

In the absence if any official announcements or much other evidence, Tim Jones thinks about some details that might characterize the rumored and widely assumed future MLS Reserve League.


McKenzie’s and Aaronson’s current paths to Champions League play

Tim Jones deciphers internet sources to explain how Belgian and Austrian first-division teams teams qualify for the UEFA Champions League.