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Still learning soccer after four decades. A southwestern Ohio buckeye transplanted to Chester County. Loves history, new ideas, baking bread, being a sports fan, and apparently unconnected connections. Though he wouldn't tell you, the PSP crew wants you to know he's a retired high school soccer coach.

Analysis / USL - Philadelphia Union II

Contributors to the Shield

PSP’s Tim Jones examines the role Bethlehem Steel FC played in developing contributors for the Union’s 2020 roster beyond the Academy boys.


Was the Union’s defense tiring?

Tim Jones examines the Union’s recent tendency to give up late-game goals.


The $6 million sale was not the big story

Tim Jones takes a deep dive into the news that Philadelphia Union II will no longer compete in the USL Championship and changes to the developmental pipeline coming next year.


Thinking about Austin FC’s expansion draft and the Union

Tim Jones makes some assumptions about an Austin FC expansion draft, and speculates about whom the Union might protect and expose.

USL - Philadelphia Union II

The unsettled future of Union II

Tim Jones explores the reports that Philadelphia Union II will leave USL Championship to join an MLS professional reserve league.

Commentary / USL - Philadelphia Union II

A very close look at Union II’s 2020 players

Tim Jones discusses the Union II players whose two-year trial period is expiring, and those who have made significant contributions to the season.


The Union first team’s 2021 roster

With the transfer window now open, Tim Jones looks at what he thinks he knows about the Union’s roster for 2021.

Analysis / USL - Philadelphia Union II

Union II’s decimated striker corps

Tim Jones reviews the Union II’s striker situation and a possible reason why they have scored so few goals.

Commentary / USL - Philadelphia Union II

A look at Union II’s roster: Part one

Tim Jones digs into the new role of the Union Academy in filling the USL squad’s roster.

Analysis / USL - Philadelphia Union II

The end of Union Academy amateur U18/19s

Tim Jones runs down the changes in the national youth development structure that may lead to the end of the Union Academy’s amateur U18/19 team.