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The Overlap: Looking to the future

The last two games have assured Jeremy Lane that, come what may, the Union are on the right path.


For club or country?

In the midst of an engaging summer of international soccer, Ben O’Brien compares the club and international games.

Commentary / The Overlap / Union

The Overlap: Good-but-not-great

Getting back to winning ways is a good thing, but the Union still aren’t hitting the heights they are capable of.

Commentary / The Overlap / Union

The Overlap: Cliff diving

Jeremy Lane takes off the rose-tinted shades and asks: Are the Union in a slump?


Mid-summer player development report

Here is PSP’s annual mid-season player development enumeration of the players in the pipeline.

Commentary / MLS

The Change Strip: Chicago, Italy, and Madison

Thomas Hill breaks down the latest in soccer aesthetics with the return of The Change Strip.


A midsummer gauntlet: life on the road

The Union are about to hit the R-O-A-D. Here’s what lies ahead of them on that journey.

Commentary / MLS / Union

As fans return, what is the new normal, and why should we care?

Thomas Hill examines what it means to have fans back in attendance, and what we lost while they were away.

Commentary / The Overlap / Union

The Overlap: Soccer in the Flower City

Indulge Jeremy Lane as he takes a non-Philly soccer detour into the past and future of the Rochester Rhinos.


Four thoughts for Friday

None of these ideas is worth an article. Each of them is worth talking about.