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Chris is the captain of noted PSP feeder club, West Philly FC, and the co-host of the All 3 Points podcast (@all3points). He once played for Team USA in a little tournament in Chile (the Maccabi Pan-Am Games) and used to be a local rock star (where "star" is meant to connote he was in a band).


Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 5 – 0 Toronto FC

As good as it is, the 5-0 scoreline doesn’t paint the whole picture of what happened on Saturday.

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A top 10 (or so) from 10,000 posts and counting

To celebrate 10,000 posts on PSP, Chris Gibbons delved into the archives to compile a list of notable posts from the last 11 years. Read on for a trip down memory lane.

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Match analysis: Toronto FC 2-1 Philadelphia Union

The Cliff of Union Despair apparated into existence again Saturday. Fans weren’t happy with a listless performance, but there are reasons why it happened.


Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 3 – 0 Inter Miami

The Union put their system on display Sunday night, showing what good, high-pressure soccer can look like.


An introverted striker’s search for footing

Chris Gibbons takes a closer look at Andrew Wooten and how the self-identified introvert has settled into the Union squad.


Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 2 – 1 New England Revolution

The Fontana Game creates problems for the Union. Good problems.

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Finding an edge during a pandemic

In these unprecedented times, coaches are looking for ways to find an edge. Being coy about infections probably isn’t the best way to do so.

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Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 4-1 D.C. United

Chris Gibbons breaks down what may have been Saturday’s most beautiful play that didn’t lead to a goal.


Match analysis: Philadelphia Union 0 – 0 New England Revolution

The Union weren’t close on Friday night, or were they?

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What happens now?

PSP’s Chris Gibbons looks at what constitutes a successful return to action as the league leaves the Florida bubble.