Articles written by: Benjamin Brecher

Benjamin Brecher is a middle schooler who loves all things soccer. When not supporting his home team, The Philadelphia Union, he can be found playing on his travel soccer team, watching Premier and La Liga games, or collecting soccer cards.

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Fans’ View: In praise of the travelling fan

PSP’s youngest contributor, Ben Brecher, reflects on traveling to different stadiums as a fan.

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Fans’ View: One kid’s fantasy Union 11

One middle schooler got back from camp to find everything changed on his fantasy team. It got him thinking about his fantasy Union 11.

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Fans’ View: The empty stadium

Union fan Benjamin Brecher recounts his time at the Union’s most recent Open Cup match against Richmond Kickers.

Photo by Earl Gardner
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Fans’ View: My life collecting all things soccer

A young Union fan talks about the things he loves to collect as a soccer fan.

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Fans’ View: To be a Union fan

PSP’s newest Fan’s View correspondent, twelve-year-old Benjamin Brecher, shares his perspective on being a Union fan.