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The perfect signing? Assessing the Fabian deal

PSP’s Dan Walsh assesses the financial details of the Marco Fabian signing, its impact on the fan base, and where it leaves the Union’s roster build.

A View from Afar / Union

Union blow up the draft, lose a key coach, stare at an incomplete roster

B.J. Callaghan made a major impact with the Union that earned him his own U.S. national team callup. Also, commentary from PSP’s Dan Walsh on Ernst Tanner’s rejection of the MLS amateur draft and the abundance of roster spots he still has to fill.

A View from Afar / Union

Goodbye to the great Union tease of 2018

The 2018 Philadelphia Union produced some of the most entertaining soccer in the club’s history. With the stunning trade of Keegan Rosenberry and Borek Dockal’s departure, their stylish possession game appears to be a thing of the past. PSP’s Dan Walsh looks back — and ahead.

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A Philadelphian abroad: An exchange of football in London

PSP’s Dan Walsh had a surreal football experience while in London several weeks ago. The Eagles were in town to play the Jaguars, and all he wanted was to catch an English soccer match. A strange and enlightening series of encounters ensued.

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A View from Afar / Union

Ten good, available domestic players who could help Philadelphia Union

These 10 players are available, talented, and worth considering by Philadelphia Union because they fill positions of need. PSP’s Dan Walsh runs down the list.

Why the Union fell short
A View from Afar / Union

Why the Union fell short

The Union were one of MLS’s best teams from May 10 until they stepped on the Yankee Stadium pitch. PSP’s Dan Walsh breaks down what went wrong at the end and notes that, on the whole this year, Jim Curtin deserves more credit than blame.

A View from Afar / MLS

The nasty underbelly of Anthony Precourt’s $82 million Columbus-Austin scam

Everyone is rightly happy that the Columbus Crew will stay in Columbus. PSP’s Dan Walsh wants to talk more about how Anthony Precourt is scamming MLS for an expansion club in Austin at an $82 million discount.

A View from Afar / Union

Five thoughts on the Union: Fixing the fatal flaw, 3rd place, Curtin’s future

The Union’s fatal flaw, how to address it (hint: he’s pictured), the remaining schedule and their shot at third place, and Jim Curtin’s prospects for a 2019 return, courtesy of PSP’s Dan Walsh.

A View from Afar / Union

Believing in the unbelievable: The Union’s current run

The Union’s play over the last week defies belief if you’ve been watching this team for years. We don’t believe what we’re seeing either, but wow, it’s all true. PSP’s Dan Walsh sorts through it.

A View from Afar / Union

How the Union overcame a unique defensive game plan

New England came out with a unique plan to stop the Union. Here’s what they did, how it worked, and how a disciplined Union beat them anyway.

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