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Novelist in progress. Former newspaper & magazine reporter. Occasional freelancer. Started PSP in 2009 with some awesome guys. Moved to Italy in 2014, then the UK in 2019. See more at Follow on Twitter @danwalsh_writes.

A View from Afar / MLS / Union

A Philly kid stands atop the soccer world

Cinnaminson’s John McCarthy stunned his former club with a showing that will go down in MLS history. If the Union had to lose to anyone, it might as well be him, PSP’s Dan Walsh writes.

A View from Afar / Union

After 13 long years, the Union reach the summit of American soccer

You were there at the start, and so were we. Now, after 13 (very) long years, the Union stand at the summit of American pro soccer. PSP’s Dan Walsh recalls the difficult journey and sets the scene leading into an extraordinary MLS Cup.

A View from Afar / Union

The COVID Game was an avoidable debacle

Forget the result: the Eastern Conference Final should never have been played. PSP’s Dan Walsh emerges to excoriate the debacle that should forever be recalled as The COVID Game.

A View from Afar / Feature / World

Scenes from a soccer life in Italy, England, and Philly

Ahead of a clash between his former adopted country Italy and his current one, England, PSP editor-at-large Dan Walsh shares his thoughts on both countries’ soccer cultures, dual national players, the Union, the Euros, and more.

A View from Afar / Union

Five simmering questions for the Union

Will Bedoya get run into the ground? Do the Union have enough depth? Will Glesnes give us all heart attacks? Is time to trade Fontana? And did you hear what Charlie Davies said? PSP’s Dan Walsh pops up to answer these questions.

Breaking News / Union

Ray Gaddis announces his retirement

In a shock announcement, the Union veteran announces that he has played his last game.

A View from Afar / Union

Union playoff loss not a choke, but an afterthought

Philadelphia Union’s season ended the day they won the Supporters’ Shield. Everything else has been postscript, PSP’s Dan Walsh writes.

A View from Afar / Union

Philadelphia Union, the team for the world’s moment

In a week like no other, Philadelphians, Philadelphia Union, and a local boy reminded us of something important: Sometimes, the good guys win. PSP’s Dan Walsh takes stock of the Union’s Supporters’ Shield victory at this extraordinary moment in history.

A View from Afar / Union

With Supporters’ Shield on the line, who starts in goal?

The Union host New England this Sunday with the Supporters’ Shield on the line and Andre Blake injured. After backup Joe Bendik’s historically bad performance, PSP’s Dan Walsh examines the Union’s dilemma.

A View from Afar / Union

Not over yet: The Union’s biggest games are still to come

PSP’s Dan Walsh snuffs out the celebration with a cautionary tale that shows why the Union’s next 3 games are more important than the last one. Also, why TFC’s injuries induce yawns, the team is the star, and Warren Creavalle is key.