Articles written by: Kyle Custer

Kyle is the founder and night watchman at the Cliff of Union Despair and the prophet of the Union Bible. He can be found in 101 on game days with wife, his phang-obsessed son, his mother, and the co-editor of PSP (his father). Otherwise he is probably on a pitch coaching or playing at least 4 days a week. You can follow him by walking behind him.

Satire / Union

Welcome Back to the Cliff of Union Despair – NOT under new management

Because if leadership can’t learn and doesn’t change, why should you?


Rickety the Raccoon’s post game presser

The latest from Philly’s Phamous Raccoon

Fans' View

The belly is round… the game… somewhat looks like soccer

The reason is that soccer, in its accessibility, also tempts an unattainable mastery that spurns the chase.


Return to the Cliff of Union Despair

You know it’s bad when the Cliff of Union Despair shows up again. In Philly, we all appreciate black humor — it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, right? — so, well … chew on this before the Union’s 3-0 win tonight.