Rickety the Raccoon’s post game presser

The latest from Philly’s Phamous Raccoon

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In defense of Phang

Someone has to stand up for the Union’s Boy in Blue. That someone has arrived.

Fan Culture / Satire / Union

WtPh? The new Union mascot

Philadelphia Union’s new mascot has arrived, and the reactions are, well … yeah. As you might have guessed. PSP’s Dan Walsh has a little fun with it.

Photo by Earl Gardner

A work of fiction: Gulati’s DONGARBER proclamation

In an alternate universe, one where the Union season isn’t beginning to look exactly like almost every other one before it, USSF President Sunil Gulati makes a proclamation that changes everything about American soccer.


Return to the Cliff of Union Despair

You know it’s bad when the Cliff of Union Despair shows up again. In Philly, we all appreciate black humor — it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, right? — so, well … chew on this before the Union’s 3-0 win tonight.


The Union Bible: The Book of Earnest: Ch 17, Vs. 1-3

Back by popular demand, The Union Bible! Read on for the gospel, or something not remotely like it.

Fans' View / Satire

Fans’ View: The Union Bible

PSP has never taken a reader’s comment and turned it full-on into a stand-alone guest column. But this one was so funny, insightful, clever and original, that we just had to.