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Fans’ View: I’m still done with Philadelphia Union (and you can be too)

Longtime Union fan Tim Herring isn’t joining in with the optimism about the Union. In fact, he’s so fed up that … well, just read.

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Fans’ View: A former Union season ticket-holder chews out his team

Union founding member Tim Herring is fed up with his team and letting his season tickets lapse. He unleashed this email on the Union on Dec. 9.

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Fans’ View: The Union Bible

PSP has never taken a reader’s comment and turned it full-on into a stand-alone guest column. But this one was so funny, insightful, clever and original, that we just had to.

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Fans’ View: A defense of Nick Sakiewicz

Union fan Joe Cosella explains why he believes Nick Sakiewicz is taking too much blame for the Union’s disappointing season.

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Fans’ View: A fan’s idea for a Union mascot

This idea doesn’t suck. It’s not contrived. It’s actually pretty damn good. When you learn where it came from, you’ll think so even more.

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Fans’ View: An American in Montreal, finally

After a rough two-game stretch, Union fan Chris Gibbons looks back on happier times: His trip to Montreal to see the Union play. Forget soccer. Let there be glorious Montreal.

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Fans’ View: Fans from afar

Avery Kravitz reminds everyone that Union fans don’t only live in the area.

Fans' View / Featured / Reading United AC

Fans’ view: The Reading-Philly connection

A look at the Reading-Philadelphia sport connection ahead of Saturday’s friendly between Reading United and the Union.

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Fans’ view: Lots of head scratching

It’s not the talent, it’s the tactics. Peter Nowak bought all the ingredients and it’s on him to blend them correctly. Our series of fan posts continues.

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Fans’ view: Where has the DOOP gone?

The DOOP went on a road trip in 2011 and hasn’t come back. One Union fan wonders where it went in the latest installment of PSP’s fan posts.