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Wins, losses & goals

After ten games, the Union’s record under John Hackworth stands at .500. PSP looks at some of the numbers.

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Under Hackworth: What’s going right

The Union under John Hackworth have put themselves back into the playoff hunt. Looking at possession, passing, shots, goals, as well as lineup selection consistency, PSP explores how the team has improved under Hackworth since the firing of Peter Nowak.

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Droughts & finishing

The promise of the New York game was largely absent against Dallas, save for a 25 minute flurry in the second half. Ten games in to the 2012 season, we take a look at the Union’s shooting numbers.

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When a loss is the best game

How is it that a loss at home can be the best game of the season so far? PSP explores.

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Shot out

The Union are bottom of the league in shots and shots on goal and next to bottom in goals scored. And someone who shouldn’t has gone 473 minutes without a shot on goal.

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How Zac and the D are getting it done

Zac MacMath recorded his third consecutive shutout on Saturday, a feat never before accomplished by a Union goalkeeper. We take a look at how he and the Union defense are getting the job done.

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Visualizing Union passing stats

A graphical look at Union passing statistics over the first four games.

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When will the shots come?

The Union are in the middle of the league in number of shots but close to bottom when it comes to the number and percentage that are on target.

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Offensive struggles

The Union offense has so far been a non starter. We look at some of the numbers.

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How did the Union offense improve?

The Union offense showed signs of life against Colorado. How did they improve?