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How did the Union offense improve?

The Union offense showed signs of life against Colorado. How did they improve?

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Timbers 3-1 Union: Looking at some numbers

What does data from the Opta-powered Chalkboard feature at tell us about Monday night’s loss in Portland?

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Danny Mwanga: If you shoot, the goals will come

Danny Mwanga’s form dipped in 2011. When rumors that the Union were shopping him ahead of the 2012 SuperDraft emerged, some Union fans even advocated such a move. These people are bonkers.

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Moaning about the unbalanced schedule

While the claim that the strength of schedule differences between conferences is real – the West has a tougher conference – is the claim that differences in the strength of schedule exist between teams supported by statistical analysis?

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Visualizing Union passing statistics

The PSP is pleased to welcome Rolando de Aguiar and his work analyzing Union player and match statistics. In this post, Rolando looks at passing statistics.

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The Union’s 2011 passing game, by the numbers

We’ve gathered up the passing numbers for the Union in 2011.

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The defense by shots on target

The Union set a new league record in 2011 for fewest shots on target allowed. We break down the numbers.

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Looking at the Union’s starting midfield lineups

The Union used 26 different starting midfield lineups in 36 games played in 2011. What were they, which ones were repeated, how did they do?

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Statistical analysis of Union at Houston

We look at the Union’s stats from the final playoff game in Houston with a focus on the numbers for passing, crossing, attempts on goal and the impact of the substitutions.

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Where are the goals coming from?

With the Union in need of goals if they are to advance to the Eastern Conference Final, how have they scored this year?