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That new formation in stats

With two goals allowed, the five-man backline introduced in Sunday’s loss to Houston proved to be a defensive failure. But the formation was also supposed to produce offensive benefits. Did it?

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Union v Dynamo: a statistical context

Looking back at the stats from the Union’s two regular season games against Houston, what were the keys to securing a 1-0-1 record? What will be the keys to prevailing over Houston in the upcoming playoff games?

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Mondragon and MacMath: A statistical comparison

While leadership qualities may be impossible to quantify, can statistics answer the question of whether Mondragon or MacMath is better between the posts?

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Drawing: an overview

Saturday’s result against Toronto was the 15th tie of the season. We take a look at what’s going on in all of those draws.

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From winless to unbeaten – where have the goals come from?

Not so long ago, the Union were struggling to end an eight game unbeaten streak. On Saturday they could secure a playoff berth and extend their unbeaten streak to eight. Where have the goals come from during the streak?

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A statistical analysis of the Union midfield

The Union midfield has been criticized this season. You may be surprised how they do by the numbers, especially compared to LA Galaxy, this season’s top team in MLS.

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Seven things the Union did better in Seattle

Much has changed in the 18 months since the Union’s first game in Seattle in 2010 and Saturday’s win. What changed between the win and the draw against Chivas USA six days?

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The defense is back and so is Le Touch

Against Columbus, the Union defense continued a turnaround that began in the second half against New England. Plus, everyone’s favorite Frenchman’s numbers have been off the chart over the past six games since the return of Le touch – ooh la la!

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Stat chat: the winless streak

The eight game winless streak – what’s going on?

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Stat chat: Mondragon

With Faryd Mondragon expected to be out for two to four weeks, here’s a look at his statistics for the season so far.