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Recap: Montreal Impact 1–0 Philadelphia Union

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

On a day of sloppy weather and sloppier play, Montreal Impact took one of its chances, while Philadelphia Union took none and fell, 1–0.

The Union once again dominated all the meaningful offensive categories except the most important one, never looking likely to score a goal from open play and squandering set piece opportunities with poor service. It is yet another bad result for a team now seriously underperforming.

First half

The Union lineup brought some surprises, with Fabinho and Danny Cruz coming in at the wing positions, leaving Chaco Maidana and Sebastien Le Toux on the bench. As expected, Aaron Wheeler started in place of Austin Berry.

The first half had hardly begun before the first yellow card was issued, with Maurice Edu being shown the card for tangling with Felipe. It was an omen of things to come, as both teams’ play would be marked more for physicality than technique. The Union, for their part, couldn’t hold on to the ball, passing straight to Montreal on multiple occasions.

The Union did have the first decent chances, though, with Wheeler heading a Fabinho corner into the ground and over the bar in just the 7th minute. In the 8th, Fabinho was taken down outside the Montreal box. Andrew Wenger took it on and had a good shot on goal, which Montreal keeper Troy Perkins saved well.

As the game passed the 10th minute, play became sloppy, frantic and physical, with both teams throwing in dangerous tackles.

In the 15th, another Union turnover would give Montreal the lead. Patrice Bernier picked off a Union pass in midfield and drove at the box without challenge. Needing no invitation, he ripped a shot from distance. Zac MacMath got himself behind the ball, but, with Felipe lurking, attempted to catch rather than parry the slick ball. With the ball dipping, he couldn’t hold on, and Felipe put away the rebound.

“We were in a moment of transition, we weren’t under any pressure and we had plenty of other options that were different from that,” Union coach John Hackworth said of the goal after the game. “It’s just a really bad turnover that results in us being unprepared for that kind of turnover.”

The game settled somewhat after the goal, and the Union’s superior possession play began to create chances for the away side. Vincent Nogueira, Wenger, and Cruz combined well for a series of shots, but Perkins saved them all.

More common than scoring chances were bad fouls, with Montreal collecting three yellow cards, for Karl Ouimette, Hassoun Camara, and Jeb Brosvsky. Montreal’s tactics were clear: dominate Philly physically and foul if that didn’t work. For the most part, it did, and the Union couldn’t find the equalizer before halftime.

Montreal did, however, come close to extending their lead, with another Union turnover in minute 38 giving Felipe the opportunity to feed Marco Di Vaio in the Union box. Wheeler did very well to challenge him from behind and win the ball.

Second half

The Union opened the half well, with Wenger taking down a long ball in the 47th, feeding it into the Montreal box. Fabinho was there to flick it into the path of Nogueira, but his shot went high. Wenger was active again in the 53rd, beating his man on the left wing and nearly finding Fabinho streaking into the box.

Unfortunately, that good work was followed by another Union turnover, which gave Jack McInerney a shot on MacMath’s goal. This time, MacMath parried the ball to safety.

As the half wore on, the Union made a series of offensive substitutions, bringing on Antoine Hoppenot, Maidana, and Conor Casey, while Montreal made defensive ones, hoping to protect their lead. The defensive strategy worked, as the Union looked less and less likely to score from open play, resorting time and again to long balls out of defense or into the Montreal box, where Perkins was dominant, claiming everything in his vicinity.

In the span of three minutes starting in the 70th, the game’s complexion nearly changed completely, but two offside flags prevented certain goal scoring opportunities. First, a Montreal counterattack seemed to have released Di Vaio in behind the Union defense, only for the whistle to blow play dead with only MacMath to beat. Then, in the 72nd, Hoppenot seemed to have been picked out by Nogueira behind the Montreal back line. He centered for Edu to finish, but the whistle blew.

Montreal had the better of the chances, if not the overall play, from that point on, with Wheeler being called on to make a last ditch tackle on McInerney in the 73rd, MacMath saving from Justin Mapp inside the box in the 82nd, and finally Felipe playing in Maxim Tissot for a shot in the 83rd. MacMath threw himself at the Montreal player and the shot went wide.

The Union had the final chance of the game, however, with Nogueira sending in good service in the 91st minute. Hoppenot was there with an uncontested header from seven yards out but ballooned his attempt over the bar.

There would be no late equalizer for the Union, who have now been shutout in two consecutive games. In fact, the Union have not scored a goal in 190 minutes, and haven’t scored from open play in 305 minutes.

“It’s frustrating because we gave them a couple opportunities early in the first half and they capitalized on one of them,” John Hackworth said after the game. “Then we did a lot of good things, but didn’t execute in the most important moments of the game and then we walk away frustrated that we lose the game like that 1-0.”

The Union are on the road again for their next game when they face Seattle Sounders on May 3 (10 pm, TCN, MLS Live, MLS Direct Kick).

Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath, Ray Gaddis, Aaron Wheeler, Amobi Okugo, Sheanon Williams (Conor Casey, 81′), Brian Carroll, Maurice Edu, Vincent Nogueira, Fabinho (Antoine Hoppenot, 61′), Danny Cruz (Cristian Maidana, 66′), Andrew Wenger
Unused substitutions: Andre Blake, Austin Berry, Sebastien Le Toux, Leo Fernandes

Montreal Impact
Troy Perkins, Jeb Brovsky, Hassoun Camara, Karl Ouimette, Jack McInerney, Justin Mapp, Patrice Bernier, Collen Warner (Calum Mallace, 54′), Felipe Martins (Eric Miller, 89′), Marco Di Vaio (Maxim Tissot, 78′)
Unused substitutions: Santiago González, Evan Bush. Heath Pearce, Blake Smith

Scoring Summary
MTL: Felipe Martins 14′

Disciplinary Summary
PHI: Maurice Edu (Dissent) 2′
MTL: Karl Ouimette (Foul) 16′
MTL: Hassoun Camara (Foul) 37′
MT: Jeb Brovsky (Off the ball foul) 40′
PHI: Ray Gaddis (Foul) 84′

Referee: Baldomero Toledo
Attendance: 19075

Montreal Impact Philadelphia Union
7 Attempts on Goal 17
4 Shots on Target 5
3 Shots off Target 4
0 Blocked Shots 8
1 Corner Kicks 9
14 Fouls 12
7 Open Play Crosses 19
3 Offsides 2
3 First Yellow Cards 2
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
63 Duels Won 54
53% Duels Won % 46%
301 Total Pass 478
68% Passing Accuracy % 75%
38.7% Possession 61.3%




  1. We Suck So Much.

    • The Black Hand says:

      We Suck So Much

    • You are stealth Master Sieve!! Meanwhile in the world of wishful thinking,I wonder who Sakiewics is talking to as the new coach. Will Sorber or Curting be interim coach? Do you think he’ll go with someone who has played pro soccer? Maybe it’s someone outside of MLS(wink, wink). The Smurfs made their “Spectacular Return” yesterday. Williams, Okugo, Wheeler and MacMath combined for a great Monteal Goal.

      If the Union stand any chance of getting a result in Seattle they should go with the line up used in Portland with Williams and Gaddis starting. Should Wenger or Casey start?


  2. You beat me to it. Damn—- I’ve been checking every 5 minutes since the end of the game. You beat me to it.
    This team does nothing well. NO THING. I see no improvement. No coming together. No fire in the belly. NO ganas. NO movement. No clue. Even now Okugo looks lost and like shit. Credit to Wheeler, he has been my whipping boy for three weeks. He had a decent game. DECENT.

    I see defeat and slumped shoulders as evidenced by Maurice Edu ALL GAME.
    I see ZERO reason to be optimistic. For the record, Montreal has NOT had one clean sheet the whole season.


    • Montreal didn’t have a WIN the whole season. A 0-0 draw, on the road in terrible weather, would have been acceptable, given the way they played. Instead, for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, a team gets their first win against the Union.

  3. On the goal, Wheeler had Felipe and then let up as the initial shot was taken, letting Felipe go in all alone for the rebound. Inexcusable mistakes, which is a shame because he played well otherwise.
    And I’ve killed him plenty in the past, but I thought Danny Cruz had a good game.
    The team’s rhythm and cohesion is getting worse as the season goes on, not better.

    • My opinion is that goal was McMath’s fault alone. A world class keeper- a really good keeper- parries that to the sideline not directely to the onrushing opposition. Wet ball or not. I watched Manuel Neuer make that exact save on a blistering Ronaldo shot this week- parry it away.
      Have to get that ball to the end line or sideline. That was on Zach.

      • No everyone on that back line has a piece of blame for that goal. Something about Zac and rainy days though. It is like a complex or something.

      • I don’t disagree per se. I just feel if he does the right THING there it is a moot point. To my original point, this team does NO THING well right now.

      • I am done complaining about individual players in the midst of such a systemic crash.

      • Fair Point as well.

      • This, MacMath was at fault for that goal but he wasn’t the only one. Okugo failed to close on Bernier, Wheeler gave up, and Williams had a horrible turnover. It was multiple people who messed up.

      • there had to be someone saying this. bad turnover, defense doesn’t close a thing down, then watches the opposing team go for the rebound, and it’s all the goalie’s fault…

      • Agreed about the turnover. I stand correct on that point.

      • ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. I admit I was rash. It is unfair to blame McMath alone. A unit error. No more emotional post game responses from me. Damn, watching him spit that ball right back to onrushing forward still makes me sick though.

    • agreed on cruz though he faded pretty early. perhaps not match fit? feels weird to praise cruz. i’m gonna go wash this dirty feeling off

  4. Andy Muenz says:

    I hope Okugo and Wheeler were charged admission since they were spectators when Felipe walked in for the goal. Of course, the rest of the team stood around watching every time Perkins bobbled the ball in the first half.
    The team must have read the preseason comments that they have more talent than last year and now figure they don’t have to put any effort into the games for the wins to come rolling in. How’s that working out for them?

  5. JediLos117 says:

    Cya next year

  6. Whoever writes the “Player of the Week” feature doesn’t have to work this week.

    • surely there’s an academy player doing something well.

      • Sarcasm noted, though there is a boy. His name is Josue. U14 Academy. Stand outs each week I see him.

      • I didn’t think about that Nick. If ever there was a week to give it to a Harrisburg City loanee, this is it.

    • Danny Cruz! haha. All that time on the bench seems to have lit a fire under him. Still would give it to Nogueira though – might as well just lock him in for the rest of the season.

  7. Need a good striker. Need a good manager. With those additions maybe there will be confidence enought to play well.

    • We also need a mascot who can jump over 32 flaming buses on a dirtbike.
      I’d watch that.

      • Its not out of the question. Certainly, the managerial position is not restricted by a salary cap.

      • You’re in luck. My 4 year old is perfecting his routine weekly. This is what I am reduced to. Finding pointless humor. Becasue to do anything else it abjectly sad. I am so truely despondent by what I am seeing from this team right now.
        My 7 year old kid watches games with me all the time and said tonight, ‘why bother.’ when I asked him if he was coming down to the cave.
        What am I supposed to say, ‘Least we have The Reds tomorrow son?’
        NO THING. Not one thing did they do well today. Griswold says, “Somebody get me the tylenol.”

    • Nothing new, I have been saying this since last season. Until then, we can languish at the bottom of the table as the least improved team in MLS.

  8. Poor Nogueira. He’s too good for our team. I wouldn’t blame him in the least if he wanted to get out the first chance he got.
    I’m usually not too upset by losing if I can point to a specific few players and say that they made the mistakes that cost the game. But when the whole (supposedly improved) team plays like crap game after game, there’s only one possible cause: coaching. While I didn’t see any obvious tactical problems–in fact I thought Hackworth made some good tactical decisions today–there’s got to be something going wrong during training that just leaves this team with no apparent motivation to work hard and win. There’s no off the ball movement, not to mention the severe decline of Williams, and is it just me, or are our players diving a lot more frequently than last year?

    • Movement is the biggest problem. Bunch of little boy ball watchers. Damn I am pissed off. Getting more and more sardonic with each response.

    • Maybe we should bring back Keon Daniel to complete the motley crew. Agreed on the decline of Williams, he looks awful so far this season.

  9. I don’t mind making some drastic changes to the starting XI, even if I never would have started Fabinho and Cruz in a million years. The team isn’t scoring, so you have to try. The problem is when you start those 2, you have committed to your first 2 subs before the opening whistle regardless of score, performance, yellow cards, or game strategy. No way either of them is going 90.

    Also, Hoppenot has contributed nothing through 8 games, besides not covering the post in Portland. The fact he was the first sub is infuriating. Berry makes a couple of mistakes and is buried on bench, Hoppenot does nothing positive all year and plays game after game.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Didn’t Hoppenot draw three second yellow cards by opposing players today?

      • Did he? If so I guess that’s something. He is a good flopper.

      • Philly Cheese says:

        Doesn’t do much good to work for red cards, since we play poorer with 10 opponents than 11. Just watched Revs score twice once they were 11 vs 10. So jealous…..

      • He’s got a reputation for being a flopper. And he definitely embellished one of the fouls today, which only hurts him. If his reputation is going to stop them from getting second yellow cards then he isn’t offering much.

      • On The Right Track says:


  10. Mark Johnson says:

    Congratulations Crapworth, you ruined Union games for me. I completely agree with Joel’s 7 year old son, “why bother?”. The total lack of direction, guidance, any semblance of coaching just has reached a point where the team is just unwatchable.
    Hopefully someone new will come in and change the system, the formation, Wheeler as a CB and countless other things. Until then, count me out.

  11. DanC (formerly of 103 says:

    I literally stopped watching. Instead I made mango-lime grilled shrimp tacos. They were banging!

    Anyway, no more wasted Saturday afternoons while this Hack is in charge, someone wake me up when the team is entertaining again.

    • Agreed, I live in China and actually wake up to watch this team…went back to sleep in the 35 min. It was clear we were going no where.

      • I’m done until Hacks out as well. I live 6 hrs from Philly picked this team to support in 2010 because of Phillys sports passion and intolerance for losing/complacency. As long as the FO is tolerant and complacent I’m out.

  12. murphthesurf says:

    Fire Hackworth. Period.

    Trade Carrol if you can.

    Break the Bank, buy an Actual Striker from some European Team after their season ends.

    Get a Clue Nick.

    You are losing fans by the game…

    The “System” is a Failure, as well as the “Hackworth Experiment”.


  13. This game was almost unwatchable. Why would Maidana not start? He played well last game. Get out of this god damned 4-3-3, it’s HASNT WORKED.

  14. American Airlines says:

    Yes, Sir

    If you lose to Seattle we can Change your flight from philly international to your hometown.

    Is their a change of flight fee?

    Yes, Mr. Hackworth but someone has already contacted us and have taken care of it, is there anything else I can do for you ?

    NO Thanks that’s all

  15. There are so many areas of poor performance that it’s not even worth listing out. And Montreal was awful as well, the Union could have taken all three points with just an above average performance and the couldn’t do it.

    In normal circumstances, I would expect a club to fire their manager, but I don’t expect anything to happen to Hack even though it’s clear that he’s lost the team.

  16. If you want energy, why sit Chaco? If you expect physicality in poor conditions, why not start Casey? Why not sub Saba? With so many new pieces, getting them accustomed to each other is “frustrated” by switching out just for the sake of it. Knowing Casey ‘ s condition, they would have been better grooming Wheeler to play his role last off season. With this schedule, when besides DC does the U get a point now?

    • On The Right Track says:

      If you want your new midfield to gel why sit Chaco? Because Coach Hack is clueless?

      • The Black Hand says:

        I didn’t hate Chaco coming on, as a sub. Fabinho had some effect early on. Chaco should have replaced Fabinho, ten minutes earlier. Opting for Hoppenot was one of the worst managerial choices I have seen from Hack…and there have been countless ones. Awful read of that portion of the match. Hackworth is not a manager.

      • i will take chaco over fabinho ten out of ten times

      • The Black Hand says:

        Me too. That said, Fabinho did an ok job on the flank. He used the width of the pitch, Chaco doesn’t, and he hustled. Chaco would be my first choice, but he needs to be told to stay wide. Cruz provided wing play on the right, as well. LeToux…I’m not really sure what position he plays.
        I think Hackworth got those selections right…and then ruined the match with his in-game mana…err…stuff.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      What makes you think they are going to get a point against DC?

  17. On The Right Track says:

    So frustrating. I’d swear the ghost of Piotr Nowak filled out that lineup card today. Our CB’s are actually a FWD and a MID. Our Left Wing is actually a Left Back. And we play 2 Central Defensive Midfielders at the same time. I actually almost liked our bench more than Hackworth’s starting eleven yesterday. WTF?
    : /
    Williams sucked! Gaddis sucked! Okugo is looking tenative at best. No longer a top tier CB. He back pedals with the best of them! Having Wheeler literally learn the CB position during our season is so dumb I can’t stand it.
    Not giving up but am really, really discouraged by that mess yesterday.

    • You forgot our LB is a RB

    • Philly Cheese says:

      Hey….don’t worry about our CB quality. We have a big attacking Midfielder training as a CB in Harrisburg to add to our CB situation. I understand he enjoys watching the ball and not marking runners…..but maybe I heard wrong…..doesn’t matter….bring him up to Union to see how he does at CB and send Wenger down to learn the position.

      • Ugh. Don’t remind me. Pedro was worse than Wheeler on the second goal against HCI this week. Stopped watching after that.

    • Almost makes me feel like we need players like Pajoy and Gomez back in the lineup. At least they scored goals.

  18. I had to wait until this morning to comment. Trying to stay optimistic (which is really hard at this point), I would say there were a few positives:
    1) Danny Cruz. Second best work rate on the field (Nog 1st) and was involved in a couple of good chances. Starter? No, but he can definitely wear down a defense and looked to provide more quality and creativity today than Hop has the whole season.
    2) We had some very good chances. If the pitch doesn’t buckle under Wenger’s side foot attempt, he scores that. If Wheeler’s header is 0.5 degrees flatter, that ball bounces into the upper shelf.
    3) Zac responded well to a bad mistake and came up big a couple times in the second half. For a young keeper, giving up a bobble-goal can cause a big drop in confidence, and he didn’t show that.
    The negatives:
    -Where was Edu in the attack? There is no way we need two holding D-mids against Montreal. If he gets forward, we win that game easy. This is my biggest burning question that needs to get pushed in interviews this week. Is this a tactical decision, or is he just not getting it done?
    -Williams needs to see the bench for a game and get his head or body right. He just doesn’t look sharp at all and in my mind bears the biggest burden for the goal. At least Hack recognized that as you can see in his quote.

    • The Black Hand says:

      I would start Cruz over LeToux, with zero hesitation. He worked his ass off and played an ACTUAL position. This all said, we need to find a real player to man the right flank. Cruz did well, though.
      Fabinho, at first, looked like he might have worked out. Then he turned into…Fabinho.
      Noguiera struggled mightily, to take the reigns of this one.
      Wenger was not bad…at all. The club didn’t get him much action, but he did a few nice things with his touches. He was one fine save, like against NYRB, away from pay dirt. He works hard
      Edu was bloody awful. He was not only out shown by Brian Carroll, but it wasn’t even close. Shame on you, Mo. It looks like you might be watching the WC in a pub, with the rest of us.
      Aaron Wheeler outplayed Amobi Okugo! Yeah…I said it. Amobi is not a very good CB. He is an extremely talented footballer, which allows him to play the spot, but is starting to get exposed on the regular.
      Shaenon Williams was piss-poor. I hope that it’s a fitness issue.
      Zac played well. Given the weather, that was a tough stop to hold on to. Struck low and hard. The ball should never have reached him in the first place. (Edu/Carroll were nowhere to be found and Amobi committed, then hesitated, allowing Bernier the space to crack one)
      Pardon my blunt swearing, but FUCK JOHN HACKWORTH!!! I would take Nowak back in a second.

      • wheeler straight up watched felipe move right past him for that rebound goal(not that okugo did much on that play…).

      • The Black Hand says:

        Felipe was carrying a lot of speed. Not much Wheeler, or Gaddis (who was closest) could have done, short of tackle him in the box. Bernier should never have gotten that space.

      • not much he could do except like track the guy into the box. if wheeler (or gaddis) tracks felipe there’s no rebound. felipe was certainly moving faster than wheeler and gaddis but that is because he was the only one of them actually running at anything.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Okugo cheated towards the shooter, forcing Wheeler to shift to middle (away from Felipe. Gaddis shifted into Wheeler’s space, but not in time to get to Felipe.
        Bottom line: Edu and Carroll did a horrendous job, by abandoning THEIR space. Okugo, once he committed, needed to go hard at Bernier. Instead, he shied away and gave that crucial space. Once he made the move, at the shooter, Okugo HAD to charge at him, go to ground and deflect that shot. If he does that, Benier’s shot doesn’t get to Zac.

      • Zac should have done 100% better. I don’t care if its wet out either catch the ball or hit it away safely, it was struck right at him, easy save if youre focused and have good instinct. I’m ready to try Blake at least for one game.

      • The Black Hand says:

        His rebound placement was awful, but it wasn’t a cake save.
        MacMath has been one of our only bright spots. That still sounds weird to say. The kid has stepped it up and I respect him for it.
        Points are too important, right now, to take a peak at a very green keeper. MacMath hasn’t been the problem.

    • Appreciate the effort to try to stay positive.

      Regarding #2, and if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

      Sometimes, it’s not just being unlucky, it’s because you’re not good enough and lately, the Union have been pretty poor.

  19. I think its well past time we get a look at some of our young forwards. Recall Ribiero and Hernandez and give them a chance. Ribiero especially; he seemed competent in the little that I saw from him

    • Totally agree. If I was manager, I’d put Ribiero in the starting lineup immediately at Seattle at center forward. Wenger in at right side forward. What’s to lose? I’d be a terrible manager though. Just saying.

      • in my dreams i see a real 433 with chaco ribiero and wenger up front with okugo edu and nogueira in the midfield.

    • The Black Hand says:

      The talent is already here. It’s the manager that we are desperately lacking. These past three matches have been some of the worst that I have ever seen from the Union. There is not a single player that has not shown regression (Noguiera included). A coaching staff should not make players worse and if they are, they should be let go. Somehow this guy is working on year three. Name one player who has gotten better under John Hackworth…one. Amobi and Jack were what they were before Hackworth. He simply gave them time. It is pitifully bad.
      Let’s have a “Should we fire Hackworth: Part II”? He is a monkey wearing a clown suit…whatever the hell that is!

  20. Cruz played really well. But unless the starting lineup train as a unit, they learn each other during the match – often making turnovers. You’re asking a lot of your new sole striker to play with all these combinations in 3 games. Players hesitate, chances are lost. This is a team that can’t afford to lose chances.

  21. You know things are in a desperate state when the only good superlatives are used to describe Cruz’s 10 minutes of effectiveness. The fact that is started screams of desperation!

  22. Terrible game for Okugo, Williams, Edu. Disappointing from Wenger. Fabinho was a bad choice. I like the team that Hack put together, but at some point the same story week after week and the manager has to be responsible.
    I’m not watching until after the world cup. Maybe I’ll change our luck. I don’t know but I care too much and am too unhappy while these travesties are happening for this to be part of my time off work.

  23. I’m not watching away games anymore. Too painful. Going to keep going to home games cause have season tickets and my kids love tailgating. But if Hackworth not gone soon I won’t renew my season tickets. Nick can put that in his pipe and smoke it.

    Funny that someone above suggests bringing Ribiero up to create some scoring. This is a guy Hackworth is repurposing into a CB. To supplement his midfielder and forward that were already repurposed into CB’s.

    Honestly, I bet if we signed Jozy Altidore Hackworth would try to convert him to a defender.

    And let’s stop giving Hackworth credit for signing Edu. HE SIGNED A DP WHO PLAYS THE SAME POSITION AS HIS CAPTAIN WHO HE CANT BEAR TO SIT. That’s idiocy if I ever heard of it.

    Oh, and thanks for trading a Union original for a guy WHO CANT FINISH, Hack!

    Oh, and thanks for near-ruining the career of our best player and last Union original, Okugo. Amobi is so gone from this team as soon as his contract up. I hope he goes to play somewhere with a real manager who can develop him into a world-class midfielder.

    • maybe Amobi can play at Cruz Azul too?

    • The reality is Jack Mac sucks just as bad, they are the same! so everyone stop crying about Jack Mac. He didn’t do shit in this game either.

      • The Black Hand says:

        I think Wenger brings a far more physical side. He won’t get bodied off as easily.

      • +1

        Did you see that typical F**ing missed goal by Jack again when he went in alone and Zac stoned him. That’s why I’m glad he’s gone. Any quality finisher puts that one in the back of the net. Problem is, Wenger might not be much of an improvement. We’ll see.

      • You know it is OK to give Zac credit for good goalkeeping right?

      • Yes, he did make a good save. Most goalies in this league make that quality save though. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that Jack should have put that one away if he is a quality player worthy of $400K+ salary! More like par for the course for Jack, worthy of $120K. Jack has to step it up or get real.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Wenger’s had some very close calls (Sat &NYRB), both shots were taken well. He could have put a little more on this past shot, but his idea was completely correct…in my opinion. He could have three goals, sere it not for very nice saves.

      • Yea I think Wenger is an improvement from Jack. He just needs more time. I don’t think he sucks, I was just responding the comment about wanting Jack back.

  24. For all you Cruz and Hopponet Haters, you all can’t say sh..t in this game since Hop, Cruz, and Nog. all tried to give life to this dead team. It is absolutely insane how this team doesn’t move on and off the ball and how they don’t check to and off the ball, I really can’t believe it. I think the Union are the only team in the MLS that plays so flat footed. Hop wasn’t perfect but he should have had at least 3 fouls called! The ref sucked so bad with calls and did he even know that you should try to call a foul at the time of the play not a half hour after! Isn’t Moyes out of a job? ship his ass over here asap! I’ll take any other coach at this point. Hack gtfo.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Hoppenot’s flopping around was sad. Yeah, he got a few calls, but he is a better payer than that.
      Cruz busted his ass and looked as good as anyone (strange). He plays wing, something LeToux won’t do. Spreading our midfield is what we need. Same could be said for Fabinho, He played a physical match and worked his flank… Maidana should have taken his spot much sooner and Chaco should be the guy (with Fabinho as an interesting option off the bench). We have been relying, far too heavily, on mediocre crosses from fullbacks. Seeing wide midfielders was kind of nice.
      Noguiera is starting to look frustrated and forcing play.

      • When did Hoppenot flop around? What I saw was a player that was talking on defenders and beating them so easily and creating offense and life into this team. He deserves more playing time in my opinion because the offense we have in now isn’t getting it done at all. Put Hop up top and give him more time that’s all I ask. If he’s in more often he can get comfortable and gel with the team.

      • he was throwing himself to the ground every time a defender was within a foot of him

      • Don’t forget skying a completely free header from eight yards out. No end product.

      • So he’s supposed to never make mistakes ever? even when he’s only in for 10 or 15 min. a game? There are plenty of other players to accuse that have been starting all year.

  25. Oh I will be keeping my season tickets….I’ll always be a die hard Union fan for better or worse.

  26. Hackworth,

    Get a goddamn starting line up and stick with it! Especially the midfield.

  27. I’m F***ing pissed and I didn’t even watch the game! Took my boy to U-10 travel tryouts instead…and glad I didn’t waste my time watching the game.
    Watched the highlights and read the recaps though….I have a million complaints going through my head at the same time, but they mostly all come back to HACK! He does suck! He has proven it to us now. From his love affair with Cruz while sitting his most talented players Kleberson and Torres last year, to so many players being used in the wrong positions this year, I can go on and on but you guys covered just about all of this already.

    I give Nick credit for going out and spending some money to get us 3 very good players this year, but now he has to get us a better coach. I am so happy Nick brought us a team, but I want to win now! Nick never did D**k with the Metrostars and he is repeating his failures again with US!

    Come on Nick, do us all a favor and get us a real coach, a good coach, one that can get the best out of his players. Do the right thing. If you don’t, WTF did you bring us this team for? BTW, I hope PSP writers don’t start kissing the players’ and the coach’s asses again instead of keeping it real! I know you guys are in a tough spot b/c you get to interview the team.
    I do love you guys and this site. (Am I kissing your asses now?)

    I just want to talk about how great our team is and that we could win the MLS cup and can’t wait to play champions league next year! Let’s go! We have some good players, let’s do it!

    I feel better now.

  28. Hard to watch. Two defensive midfielders in the starting XI and they can’t keep a clean sheet against a struggling team. On the other hand, the offense (and it doesn’t matter which players are out there) look like they just met each other at breakfast. Comments about this guy over that guy, he sucks, we should start him instead, I think they miss the point. Defensively they are prone to frequent lapses in concentration, and offensively they have so little idea how to create chances that the good looks they actually get are like random events.

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