Postgame video: Union 3-3 Impact

PSP’s Mike Servedio and KYW Greg Orlandini break down Philadelphia Union’s 3-3 draw against Montreal Impact.

Interviews with Alejandro Bedoya, C.J. Sapong and Fafa Picault.

Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin talks about the match.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    I swear you do this on purpose. Without yet listening or having any context…just one more picture of the captain in a familiar position.
    I guess I’m a bit to hard on the lad.

  2. no matter what the statistics say from the league or the weather, SOB p*ssies! ZERO ENERGY IN TALLEN ENERGY STADIUM DESPITE A 3 – 0 LEAD NEAR HALF TIME… and then the “real” Union emerged, Bedoya included, blowing the HOME WIN AGAIN, totally… with “Hands in his pockets” Curtin as usual, yelling at Geiger (4th Ref) and making stupid substitutions… Herbers, Fafa (speed but no finish) and who else… who cares? Did it work? NO!

    This franchise is a joke and should be relegated to USL. At least the tickets would be reduced by 60%.

    What a waste of 8 seasons supporting this ownership.
    F.U. Jay…. seriously. POOD.

  3. I am sick of the freakin’ excuses.
    W-I-N… or get the h*ll out of town!
    You have not done either…………….

  4. Montreal turned up the heat and even with a 3 goal lead you can’t coach your way to a win. This team is a house of cards. You need quality finishers and defenders who can elevate their game. The stadium was practically empty. It’s clear what people think of “Moneyball.”

  5. Save our souls MLS

  6. Praying for Sugarman to to pull the trigger,,,,,,,

    ,,,,,Called this same scenario last week. ….. No hope for this team unless Sugarmrman can borrow money let Ernie make some deals and buy a quality # number 10 and fire Curtin .They have got to fire Curtin and hire a coach outside the Union inner circle before May 5th. Another opportunity will not open til July when the 2nd transfer window opens. Curtin must be fired before June 1st but they may wait a little later as the did for the first 2 coaches . The team is completely demoralized at this point and Curtin has got go even though Ernie shares​z the blame for not replacing Barnett and his other questionable moves .in the backline. If by some miracle they get that # 10 Edu miraculously recovers by July 1st. Yarro gets healthy and Sapong does not let up his effort the Union have a chance to be at least watchable again,q

  7. JermIsMyHomeboy says:

    Bedoya is still not playing up to his paycheck, but at least his post-game interview shows he knows he’s not doing as well as he should. Contrast that with Curtin’s usual “we’re working hard, we deserved the win” bullshit.

  8. Fafa put in one of the worst offensive shifts I’ve ever witnessed. Bedoya had one of his most tireless games, really leaving it all out there. Poor showings from an unmotivated bunch. I really can’t stand Curtin’s tone.

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