Postgame quotes: Impact 5-1 Union

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Note: Quotes from Jim Curtin, Josh Yaro, and Andre Blake transcribed by PSP, all other quotes provided. Questions have been paraphrased.

Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

Jim Curtin

Opening statement

Obviously, very disappointing performance from our group. We’ve been a group that’s been together and been a team all year, and that’s why we’ve had some success.

Tonight we were beat by stars: Drogba, Piatti were unstoppable tonight.

Again, we’ve found a way to be a very strong team at home in our building, we’re still learning how to be a strong team on the road. A lot of teams aren’t having success on the road this year in MLS, only a few [are having success], and we were poor tonight, there’s no excuse for it. I thought some guys showed some heart and continued to push in the second half, but not a lot of positives. And, again, the stars beat a team tonight, and it was not close.

On how playing three games in a week factored into the team’s poor performance

We won’t use it as an excuse. You know, everybody has these stretches where they have to play Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday. Again, they’re difficult, there’s travel involved. We play 120 minutes [on Wednesday night in the US Open Cup] but, at the same time I think we have a deep team, we think we’re two-deep at every position. We just didn’t have a good performance.

It’s over, it’s the past. We’ll probably just tear up the tape and move on to Salt Lake at home.

You said you were beat by stars tonight but for the first half of the game you kind of weathered the storm. What happened?

We actually…The first 15 minutes, we talked about it, getting through that, because we knew they would have a lot of emotion coming off of a home loss last week to New York City. So, I thought we got through the first 15-20 minutes fine. [Ignacio] Piatti and [Ambroise] Oyongo combine on the outside; you kind of tip your cap and make a good play. We have a chance, I think, to clear. It goes over our center back, Richie Marquez’s foot. And from that point on we seemed…nervous, and maybe uneasy. And then Piatti gets going and he’s a handful, a special player: he picks us apart. And, again, we give them the second goal off of a mistake, and he punishes us; [Didier] Drogba winds up finishing it but Piatti makes the play to go one-on-one with our goalkeeper. And it’s 2-0 now and we’re chasing the game. And, again, it’s always going to be trouble, they have very good players, they’re a well-coached team — Mauro does a great job with them — and they made us pay tonight.

Joshua Yaro

Could you have done better against one of the better forwards in the league in Didier Drogba?

There’s always something I could do, no matter [who I’m playing]. Center backs, when you get scored on, you look at yourself and ask what you can do better to minimize what happened or try to stop it. I thought it was a tough day for us and it’s bad that it happened this way. It’s over, we have to look past it and we just focus on our next game.

How did it feel to be on the pitch tonight?

It was good. I mean, any chance you get to play is always good, to test yourself against a team like that, against players like Drogba and Piatti. I thought it was a good test and [we just have to get the focus back(?)].

Keegan Rosenberry

On not accomplishing the team’s set objectives

It doesn’t feel very good. We didn’t do the things we set out to do tonight and the objectives we set for ourselves. It also doesn’t help anybody to focus on this long afterwards, so we move past it and we’ll train hard as a team.

On the team’s performance

I think as a whole, the lines could have been a little bit more compact. Everybody across the board, the 11 and the 18, could have been better on the night. The focus immediately shifts to next weekend and to try and get three points from that.

Andre Blake

When do you leave for the All-Star Game?

I leave tomorrow morning.

How excited are you?

Very much excited, it’s an honor to be a part of an MLS All-Star Game. [Indecipherable] but it’s about going there and enjoying the moment but, also, putting a stamp on the game and putting on a good show for myself, my club, and my family.

Some people say it’s just an exhibition game, that it doesn’t mean that much. But for players, how much of an honor is it?

It’s an All-Star game, something you should enjoy but, at the end of the day, it’s still something that you want to go and showcase what you can do, and I think this is a great situation for me to go and keep with what I’ve been doing.

Thoughts on the All-Star Game format: Should it be East vs. West, against an international club?

Yeah, I mean, it’s [indecipherable] for me, it doesn’t matter.

Montreal Impact postgame quotes

Mauro Biello

On the performance

For me it was a complete performance. Obviously the goal they scored was a little bit of a damper, but in the end to score five goals, control the game and dominate like that is a satisfying performance.

On the team’s quality

We put on a show tonight quality-wise. I think all the players in central roles did an excellent job in managing the game. We were patient in the beginning, didn’t give up much and after our qualities came out.

On Patrice Bernier’s performance

He won balls in the midfield, he kept things organized and he launched the attack. For me he was very good, along with Hassoun Camara, in the middle of the field. All the way up the middle, from Hassoun to Patrice to Didier and Nacho, we were very good.

Didier Drogba

On what he liked most about the performance

The shape of the team, the way we played forward and winning the ball. It was a long time since we did all of that. Today was good in a way that I didn’t have to go on the side. I was only focusing on scoring and making good runs for the team.”
On getting the home win for the fans

We are there for them, to have fun, to win games and for the fans. I think the fans enjoyed themselves tonight. We were frustrated after the last few matches where we didn’t manage to win. Now I think everyone is happy.

Patrice Bernier

On dominating the match

We dominated from the start and were in fifth gear the entire match and didn’t stop. This was a match that shows when we play like this, not a lot of teams can stop us.

On getting the win

We needed a good win to get things back in order. We need to keep playing to this standard, as the season is not over. It’s about wins, but also the way we do it. Today was a good collective win at home that will pave the path for us in the future.


  1. Babe Ruth struck out over 1300 times… every team goes through a shit show. Bury it, learn, move on, and make it better – that’s what winners do.

  2. Jim Mora comes to mind……”playoffs? Are you talking about playoffs? I just hope we win another game! Playoffs?”

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Settle down… I don’t think we are at that stage… yet 🙂

      • Alicat215 says:

        Tis but a joke homie, you simmer too!

      • Alicat215 says:

        So what stage are we in? Anger, denial, acceptance?

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        I was joking as well… sorry it didn’t translate 🙂
        And so you know, I’m still in denial. HA!

      • I know you are Wolf! No worries dude, I’m at acceptance but constantly regress to anger! But you know, when I’m at acceptance I don’t post a whole lot….when I’m at anger….that’s when it flies, which I guess in a perverse way……is more fun?

    • el Pachyderm says:

      And there is always the Dennis Green throw down,
      “Montreal is who we thought they were”

      • Alicat215 says:


      • Better yet, ” WE are who we thought . . . .” Surprising (2 ALL STARS!, ROY leader!); but majorly flawed. Hoping for playoffs. And dammit, Jim, WE are NOT 2 deep – or RayRay doesn’t get “star” struck all night! PS – RIP, Denny (1949 – 2016). He blazed trail.

    • scottymac says:

      I get the humor, but it raises the real question-“Can the U find 19 points in 13 games with 7 on the road?”

      They’d have to beat CHI, CMB away at least, hold serve against RSL an SKC(West record is ugh) and OCFC and find 4 points at least with 5 games vs RB,MTL an TFC. That’s to get to 49, where 6th in the East has needed last few years. Not a two foot putt by any means with current form and “depth”.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    The phraseology, “tonight we were beaten by stars”, annoys me when you are committed to being a team without stars.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      That is a quality comment. + A LOT
      We should prepare to lose to at least half the teams in our league then. Not saying we have to go sign a massive money DP, but it proves with the right mix of players, and DP’s sprinkled in, you are usually a better team… compared to the team that doesn’t sprinkle the DP dust on their roster.

      • Alicat215 says:

        And when your DP is Didier Drogba……….just look the hell out! I love him, what a beast…..even though he was a Chelski

    • Jimbo holds no purse string. Our best hope is:(1) Earnie buys low, sells high (Bye Blake, hello record transfer fee); (2) Academy produces; (3) BSFC prospers; & (4) local sponsors (IBX, Comcast) +/or Graham family. others, or Sugars put cash in to keep up. DCU will have new digs soon. NYCFC next. This club could eat dirt if not well run in short term.

  4. JC, Sincerely sorry abour typo. Yes: you are too deep. Ovwr your head@ Great candor. Thanks so much!

  5. Ah, not a big deal. In a perverse way 5-1- is better than 2-1. The problem is Sapong is a wonderfully hard worker but not a very good center forward. The comments got overenthusiastic. This is a team that has improved but is not a very good team yet. It only plays at one speed and one style. When you are tired, You must play a different game a different style, contain, be compact, minimal pressing make them earn every goal. Play for 0-0. There is no one coming off the injured list that will save you. You can save yourself. This one is a little bit on the coach.

  6. Lucky Striker says:

    Real talent. Consider purchasing some…..

    U know what beats ya, but remain maddeningly consistent in your unwillingness to do anything about it.

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