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Union marketing: Is the price right?

The latest in Matt Custer’s series on the Union’s marketing strategies takes a look at the club’s pricing scheme.

Satire / Union

In defense of Phang

Someone has to stand up for the Union’s Boy in Blue. That someone has arrived.

People in the Stadium

People in the stadium: Jeff & Dennis

Random people in and around the stadium.

Fans' View

Fans’ view: Five reasons Philadelphia have failed to meet expectations

MLS Soccer recently published five reasons Atlanta has exceeded expectations. The Union haven’t exactly done the same, writes Matt Custer.

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This is how real rivalries are made

One game. Everything on the line.
This is the stuff that rivalries are made of.
Philadelphia Union vs. the New York Red Bulls. On national TV. It’s so on.

I am not a Union supporter, yet.
MLS / Union

I am not a Union supporter, yet.

Glad I am getting to post this the same day Ryan posted his piece.  And like Ryan, I’m curious how other people feel about this, particularly people not native to the Philadelphia sports scene. I am not a fan of Philadelphia sports.  There, I said it.  Let’s get it out there.  […]