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Fans’ View: #LeTouxIsHome

Fan’s View writer Collin Deckert looks back on Le Toux’s process of becoming the first member in the Union’s Ring of Honor.

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Fans’ View: Phandom, the Union, and your health

One Union fan looks back on 60+ years of Philly fandom, a recent study on the personal effects of fandom, and how the Union are wrecking his health.

Photo by Earl Gardner
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Fans’ View: My life collecting all things soccer

A young Union fan talks about the things he loves to collect as a soccer fan.

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Fan’s View: Through different eyes

Scott Ellis has been through a lot of changes, including his take on Philadelphia Union.

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On Doops, hoops, and parking lots

Our newest Fan’s View writer shares his thoughts about the Union’s new kit, FIFA in real life, and parking in Chester.

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Fan’s View: Potential isn’t enough

Booing a come-from-behind home tie? A bit harsh perhaps, but in the light of current Philly sports results….

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Fans’ View: To be a Union fan

PSP’s newest Fan’s View correspondent, twelve-year-old Benjamin Brecher, shares his perspective on being a Union fan.

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Fans’ View: What should the Union’s new mission statement say?

Philadelphia Union has decided to rework the club’s mission statement. Any suggestions?

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Fans’ View: I still “Jungite” but fear Union may “Perite”

Fans’ view writer Matt Custer contemplates why he has stayed a season ticket holder with the Union.

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Fans’ View: The Waiting

The Union’s plans are wearing on Fans’ View’s Scott Ellis’s patience.