Articles written by: Staci Klemmer

Teacher of math, volunteer uniform maker for Montgomery United, mother of one soccer playing son (and a former soccer playing son) and obsessed DOOP'er since the beginning...

Fans' View

What a long, strange trip it’s been

In a Fan’s View article, Staci Klemmer shares her thoughts about the road leading to Sunday’s playoff game.

Fans' View

Fan’s view: Feels like the first time

PSP Fan’s View writer Staci Klemmer returns to share the story of her first time in the River End.

Fans' View

Fans’ view: The times are a changin’

Longtime fans’ view writer Staci Klemmer reflects on how her relationship with the Union has changed this season.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Youth Soccer

Youth soccer travel madness, part 2

The biggest chunk of our travel fees go to our coaches. Are they worth it?

Fans' View / Union

Fans’ View: Blah

A Union fan summarizes the fan experience this year.

Youth Soccer

Youth soccer travel madness

A short rant about the cost in time and money of elite travel teams.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: Rituals, good luck charms, and karma

Looking for good luck charms and rituals to combat the bad soccer karma in my house.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: The Union season ticketholders’ town hall meeting

Philadelphia Union held a town hall meeting Thursday for season ticketholders. Union fan Staci Klemmer was there and shares this perspective.

Youth Soccer

A soccer mom sheds a tear…

A change is coming to one soccer household, and this soccer mom isn’t sure how she feels about it.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: What is this Fan Council thing?

Staci Klemmer explains an interesting new Philadelphia Union fan initiative.