Articles written by: Staci Klemmer

Teacher of math, volunteer uniform maker for Montgomery United, mother of one soccer playing son (and a former soccer playing son) and obsessed DOOP'er since the beginning...

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Fans’ View: Hope springs eternal

Ever the optimist, Staci Klemmer is holding out that someday the team she’s rooting for — her kids’ teams, the Union — will win something big.

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Fans’ View: How much is this going to cost?

Providing youth players with quality playing and training experience can get expensive. Staci Klemmer considers the costs.

Photo By Earl Gardner
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Fans’ View: Screams from the sideline — Get up! Get up!

Staci Klemmer on the perils of yelling from the sidelines.

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Fans’ View: The joys of being a soccer mom

PSP welcomes new Fans’ View writer Staci Klemmer — mother, high school teacher, youth soccer volunteer, Union fanatic — as she writes about life as a soccer mom.