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Teacher of math, volunteer uniform maker for Montgomery United, mother of one soccer playing son (and a former soccer playing son) and obsessed DOOP'er since the beginning...

Fans' View

Fans’ View: 71 and sunny

Staci Klemmer recounts last weekend’s Fan Weekend in Clearwater with the Union.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Fans' View

Fans’ View: Curtin’s call impresses

Staci Klemmer was at the “Curtin Call” event on Saturday in which Jim Curtin spoke candidly to fans. Without discussing the details of what was said, Staci relates how Curtin made a big impression on her.

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Fans’ View: Dear Santa…

Union fan Staci Klemmer would like a few Union-related items for Christmas.

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Fans’ view: My favorite soccer weekend

Staci Klemmer’s favorite youth soccer tournament of the year is as much about what goes on off the field as what happens on the field.

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Fans’ View: With a little help from my friends

For many, being a Union fan is about much more than just the team. Staci Klemmer explains.

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Fans’ View: Saying goodbye

Sometimes it seems the writing is on the wall that a player’s time with the Union is ending. Staci Klemmer wanted to make sure she had the chance to say goodbye.

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Fans’ View: The final one

It started with a signed t-shirt thrown into the crowd at a Union pep rally in 2010. Four-and-a-half seasons later, Staci Klemmer needed only one more player to complete her collection of autographs from the 2010 team.

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Fans’ View: Enthusiastic fan or obsessed stalker?

Enthusiastic or obsessed? Staci Klemmer on being a Union fanatic.

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Fans’ View: Road Trip!

Have car, will travel to Union games. Staci Klemmer on seeing the Union play in Texas.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Cameroon

We come to our second teams in many different ways. Staci Klemmer support of Cameroon began when she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa.