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Fans’ View: Dear Santa…

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One of my students asked me what I wanted for Christmas and with all the recent Union madness I thought I should make a list. So…

1. Nogs. Period. No. 1 on my list. I want him in a Union jersey for as long as possible. He makes me giddy, not because of his quiet Frenchiness and je ne sais quoi, but because of his skill on the pitch. He is the poster child for why I love to watch soccer — it truly is a beautiful game.

2. My face on Zac MacMath’s jersey. The MLS “photo in the number of your favorite player” is brilliant. I’m in. My only bummer is that it’s for season ticket holders and if he’s not in blue and gold in 2015, it makes it a wee more difficult to pull off.

3. The pink goalie jersey. Another moment of merchandizing brilliance, just wish we fans could get them.

4. An Orlando jersey. It’s all about the color, folks. I tend to pick my wine based on how cool the label looks. I pick my soccer teams that way too — cool jersey, I’ll root for ya. Now that I kinda have a justification for getting one, I think I will. Okugo on the back makes it OK, right?

5. A Union RV. Yes, it exists. It parks in Lot A and I covet it on those cold, rainy tailgate days. My family and I have joked about getting my car wrapped in Union logos. As it is I’m stuck with a “few” decals and bumper stickers.

And while we’re discussing Lot A and other things stadium/team related…

6. I want porta potties on the entrance side of Lot A. Right now they’re a few at the stadium end of the lot, but that’s a long way to walk from our corner of paradise.

7. Diet Dr Pepper in the food stands. They’ve got great beer choices on our side on the stadium, but I am not a Diet Coke girl.

The next two are purely selfish and completely out of my hands, but a girl can wish, can’t she?

8. Preseason on President’s Day weekend. I had a blast the two times we got to go to Florida, but if it’s not on a holiday weekend, I can’t swing it with work. I’ve already convinced my hubbie that we should fly and not drive, so that makes it a wee bit more doable.

9. A home game on my birthday. Its a big one ending in zero this year and I can’t think of a better way to age then tailgating and watching my boys in blue with a few thousand friends. If I can’t be at home, I pick Seattle.

10. A playoff game at home. I want to relive that Open Cup feeling. Notice I’m starting small — just a playoff game, not the MLS Cup Final. I’ll save that for next year’s Christmas list.

What’s on your Christmas list?


  1. When they give us more details about the photos on players’ jerseys, it would be really amusing if we all asked for ours to be on the jerseys of players who the Union have let go to other teams.

  2. Gotta agree with your No. 1 here. Noggy makes me giddy not just for his skills on the pitch but ALSO “because of his quiet Frenchiness and je ne sais quoi”… 😉

  3. Old soccer coach says:

    11. A DP striker signing, and a promising ACM in the Superdraft.

    12. Signing Edu.

    13. Moving the transfer window opening date from New Years to Christmas so we can get our presents on time.

  4. 14. Another men’s restroom at PPL Park. I should be able to go to the bathroom, get a beer, and get back to my seat before halftime is over.
    15. A left-back. (Actually let me be specific, a left back who is an actual left-back…this excludes re-cast right backs and left midfielders…just an actually honest to God left back with a left foot and a pulse).

  5. Agree with #1, 10, 11, 12 & 15 and I have one addition

    16. Investors that see the passion in Union fans and are willing to invest in the club to help us keep pace with some of the other deep pocketed teams in MLS.

  6. OneManWolfpack says:

    17. Curtain to quickly learn what it takes to manage this team.
    18. Maidana to come into camp / season in better shape and ready to go 90 a lot more often… oh and that he shoots A LOT MORE, and hits the net more regularly.
    And I agree with the previous 16 wishes

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t think a “real” LB is that high of a priority? In an ideal world, sure, we’d have one. But not all that long ago, many were talking about Williams being one of the top RBs in MLS and maybe even working his way into the USMNT radar one day. Gaddis is clearly one of the best one-on-one defenders around, which he would be on either side….and while clearly more comfortable on the right, he probably isn’t the dynamic modern offensive fullback there either. Build up more offense in other areas of the field – more scoring out of Nogs & Maidana, a true high end striker, one more dangerous wing player to rotate through with Wenger/Letoux, and a defense first, right footed LB doesn’t seem like a huge risk to me. Is a Harvey/Gaddis pairing really an upgrade over a Gaddis/Williams pairing?

  8. James lockerbie says:

    I love your #5 wish. My church is trying to sell a used atlantic city jitney could be converted to a tailgate RV. I want it but the wife not so much. As for my wish a New away jersey that is as good or better then the 3rd kit

  9. For my list…

    1. NO pink paraphernalia, accoutrement, merchandise, etc. A pink keeper kit is one thing, but there is no reason to have pink goal nets, corner flags, or event staff jackets. My problem with pink is its use as a “brilliant merchandizing” tool to raise “awareness” for something most people are already aware of. While I’m on the topic of pointless gimmicks for “awareness,” I want Movember to not be a thing any more.

    2. In lieu of Diet Dr Pepper, or the addition of any beverages, how about efficiently run concession stands. 15 minutes for one beer, 5 of which was spent waiting for it to be poured properly?! 20 minutes for a hot dog and a lemonade?! 30 minutes for a Big Ben dog because it wasn’t “ready”?! And that’s all BEFORE kickoff. Hey, Santa, how about this? I want the Manga app back! Food delivered to my seat within 10-15 minutes? Yes please!

    • +1 on your second point. Huge opportunity for improvement there.

    • Amen on the pink thing. It’s out of hand. If it’s about awareness, everyone knows by now.

    • Guys, you’re taking the “awareness” thing too literally. Yes we are all aware but for a short time every year the pink brings it from the back of many people’s minds to the front. By moving it to the front of their minds, it makes them more likely to donate time or money to help fight a deadly disease. I think we can all live with that, can’t we?

      • james Lockerbie says:

        Excellent response I was thinking the same thing. In fact the eagles shared a story of a fan going home after a game self exam and discovered a lump !

  10. if you call adidas, and ask really nice, they will usually sell you the pro stuff that is not available. we bought the pink ball this year… and promptly lost it in some woods.

  11. My selfish Christmas wish is for the Portland away match to be scheduled in the summer instead of March, so I can go.

  12. My Union wish is a regular dose of positivity and Stacey gets a regular column!

    Come on PSP, make it happen!

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