Articles written by: Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis is a product development guy by day, husband, dad, men's league soccer player, youth soccer and basketball coach, and 9-year season ticket holder. He believes in craft beer, grilling pretty much anything, the beautiful game, sports movie montages, and that Jimmy Chitwood can take anyone one-on-one. Follow him on Twitter at @ScotteDoop_COYB.

Fans' View

Fan’s View: A new high

In this week’s Fan’s View column, Scott Ellis shares his experience from Sunday’s big win and takes a look back at the road that led the Union there.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: Playoffs and beyond

This is the Union’s best season. It’s also not perfect. Fans’ View writer Scott Ellis takes it all into account in his season ticket decision.

Youth Soccer

Switching clubs: A youth soccer story

Fans’ View contributor Scott Ellis switches things up a bit, as his son switches clubs.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: September 26th

Fans’ View’s Scott Ellis asks how important the upcoming U.S. Open Cup final is for the Union and its fan base.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Fans' View

Fans’ View: A call for help

Fans’ View’s Scott Ellis has a request for the Union.

Fans' View

Fan’s View: That familiar dance

This recent run-of-form seems familiar. Scott Ellis breaks down whether fans should buy in to the excitement or not.

Fans' View

Fan’s View: Through different eyes

Scott Ellis has been through a lot of changes, including his take on Philadelphia Union.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: The Waiting

The Union’s plans are wearing on Fans’ View’s Scott Ellis’s patience.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: Apathy creeps in

Scott Ellis has been a Union fanatic since the beginning. Now, something has changed.

Fans' View

Fan’s View: Set piece anxiety

It’s well established by now that part of being a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan is the familiar feeling that no matter how well things seem to be going, there’s always trouble lurking just ahead.