Season Previews

Season Previews

Jim Curtin’s biggest test

This season will present Union Head Coach Jim Curtin’s biggest test yet. PSP’s Chris Gibbons explains.

Season Previews

Five Union games to watch this season

Mark these five Union matches on your calendars this season.

Roundtable / Season Previews / Union

Season preview: 2019 Philadephia Union roundtable

PSP’s contributors discuss the new-look Union heading into the 2019 season.

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A View from Afar / Season Previews

The Negadelphian’s Guide to the Union in 2019

Have the Union traded one European GM’s tactical dogmatism for another’s? Can their fullbacks pull off a 4-4-2 diamond? Where do Picault, Accam and Ilsinho fit in? And what’s with the guys from Germanic lower divisions? PSP’s Dan Walsh poses eight key questions, plus a theory about how the Union ripped off Chicago in the Sapong trade.

Season Previews / Union

Is the Union’s back line as young as we think?

They’re short on years, but with the experience under their belts they can be held to a higher standard.

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The Union and the Steel’s relationship in 2019

Ernst Tanner’s arrival changes the relationship between Philadelphia Union and Bethlehem Steel. Sara Griswold breaks down the why and how.

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Season Previews

2019 Eastern Conference Preview

Can a team not named Atlanta or Red Bull become King of the East in 2019?

For Pete's Sake / Season Previews

Grading Ernst Tanner’s offseason moves

Ernst Tanner’s first offseason in Philadelphia is complete. PSP’s Peter Andrews issues a report card for the German’s major transactions.

Season Previews

Did the offseason address the Union’s concerns?

The Union faced big questions entering the offseason. Rob Simmons breaks down how the club answered those questions.

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Commentary / Preseason / Season Previews

Five Philadelphia Union players to watch in 2019

With unexpected players stepping into starting roles last season, and a diverse mix of new players joining the Union in the offseason, there will be a lot of individuals to look out for on the pitch in 2019.