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Match analysis: LAFC 3-3 Philadelphia Union

One of the most entertaining Union matches of all time saw the visitors steal points in LA. Here’s how they did it.


Are the Union bad at corner kicks?

Chris goes DEEP into the Union’s corner kick strategy and what they can do differently.

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Money talks when you do it right

How much does club spending matter when competing in MLS. Chris Sherman digs into the hard-to-collect data to determine.

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Analysis / Union

Postgame analysis: Philadelphia Union 4-0 Vancouver Whitecaps

Breaking down how the Union broke Vancouver down

Analysis / Statistics

The 2018 Union, in charts

How have the Union compared, statistically, to average winners and average losers so far this year in Major League Soccer? PSP’s Chris Sherman set out to find the answer.

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All of the shots: Are the Union a bad attacking team… or what?

The advanced metrics love the Union, but the results don’t back that up so far. What’s going on?

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Change, Part 2: Analysis – Does stability improve results?

In part 2 if our one-day series on change, Chris Sherman looks at the data to examine how having consistent managers and/or lineup correlates with match results.

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Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 4a: Aggregate referee bias

Home field advantage can be staggering in MLS. Chris Sherman breaks down the numbers to see if the referees have anything to do with that.

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Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 3: Scheduling and short rest

Chris Sherman looks at the impact of short rest on performance. He also looks at whether MLS schedules favor home teams with longer rest and if that could impact home field advantage.

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Investigating home field advantage in MLS, Part 2: Crowd Size

Chris Sherman continues to investigate potential causes for home field advantage in MLS using statistical analysis. This second article demonstrates home field advantage and studies the effect of the size of the home crowd on the home team’s advantage.