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Where’s Wondo among all-time American soccer single season scorers?

Wondo tied Lassiter’s MLS record single-season goal tally before San Jose bowed out of the playoffs. How do the numbers compare to all-time American soccer goal scoring records? Steve Holroyd explores.

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Greatest season ever? Wondolowski v Lassiter

Though Chris Wondolowski equaled Roy Lassiter’s 1996 record of 27 goals in season, he did so with more games played (and more PKs scored). Which player had the greatest season by a goalscorer in MLS history?

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USA vs. Mexico: A look back

The USMNT plays Mexico at the Azteca on Wednesday. PSP takes a look at a rivalry that stretches back to 1934.

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Philly and the first USA international tour

The US played its first full international in Sweden during the the First World War. Philadelphia-area players were an important part of that team.

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An all-World Cup 23 player US roster? You decide.

Who would you pick for an all-World Cup US team? We’ve made it easier by creating a preliminary 30-player roster of US at the World Cup greats. The final 23 is up to you.

The NASL does not equal the MLS
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A look back at the NASL strike of 1979

The threat of a strike in the MLS has resulted in some very gloomy articles about the NASL strike of 1979. PSP looks at the issues surrounding the strike and what happened during and after the strike to question the validity of comparisons to the current negotiations between MLS and the Players Union.

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That USL/TOA/NASL thing, part III

In Part 1 and Part 2 I provided a time-line of events leading up to last week. On Tuesday, The Kartik Report posted an update on the situation which said that “USSF has been working diligently to foster a compromise that will work in the best interests of all the […]

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That USL/TOA/NASL thing, part II

On Tuesday I posted a timeline describing the development of the USL  since its origins as an indoor soccer league in 1986, through its absorption of other professional leagues in the 199os and its eventual (incidental?) purchase by Nike in 2008. Creating the time-line was made easier thanks to the […]

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That USL/TOA/NASL thing, part I

You are probably aware that a breakaway group of owners (the Team Owners Association, aka “the TOA”) has left the United Soccer Leagues (USL) to form a new league intended to rival, if not supplant, the USL for Division 2 status in the American soccer pyramid. More recently, you may […]

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England, the USA, Philadelphia and the 1950 World Cup

It first started during the unlikely run of the US in the Confederations Cup: was the victory over Spain the US team’s greatest victory since the 1-0 victory over England in the 1950 World Cup hosted by Brazil? If the US had beaten Brazil in the Confederations Cup final, would […]