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Moreno & Martino explain the Union midfield

The Union’s back and front lines are among the league’s best. But there’s always that midfield. Leave it to TV analysts Alejandro Moreno and Kyle Martino to describe the midfield perfectly. PSP’s Dan Walsh fills you in on how.

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Philadelphia’s tactical pragmatism equals points

The Union may not play the prettiest ball, but when it comes to making the playoffs, it’s results that matter.

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The Stoke-time continuum … and Danny Califf

A tale of two columns. 1) What happens when the North American version of Stoke City meets the actual Stoke City? 2) What the Union should do about Danny Califf.

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The tactical implications of Donovan’s rebirth

Landon Donovan’s USMNT rebirth will cause some tactical dilemmas for Jurgen Klinsmann. Earl Reed explores.

Analysis / MLS / Union

Philadelphia Union and life as a small market team

Despite the big city, Philadelphia Union operate as a small market team. Here’s where they fall into the grand scheme of things in MLS, along with evaluations of every other MLS club as well and how this status affects everything the team does. After readers’ requests for this post, here you go.

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Life without Mac, and other Union/MLS thoughts

Who will replace Jac Mac? This man. Also, how to fix Marfan, goalkeeper punches, the Union’s underwhelming signing at left back, and the universe’s curse on Carlos Bocanegra in this Five Thoughts column.

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Hackworth after one year: On tactics

One year ago, John Hackworth took over the reins as the Union’s head coach. PSP looks at his tactical acumen as his first year as head coach concludes.

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Out of their depth: The 2013 Union bench

The Union coaching staff has praised the team’s depth but only 16 field players have seen more than 10 minutes in 2013 and 2 of those are no longer on the team. PSP takes a look at the impact Union substitutions have had on games this season.

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Soumare trade gives Union a clean slate

PSP evaluates the Bakary Soumare trade and what it means for Philadelphia Union.

Analysis / Union

Are the Union where they belong?

After 12 games, the Union have beaten up on the weak and been beaten on by the strong. Is this a formula for a playoff run?