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PSP transition update

The times are still changing.

You’ve seen a host of new writers join PSP over the last few weeks. I like to call them the PSP Newbie Army. (That’s my first time saying it aloud. Be gentle.)

  • Nick Fishman, Rob Elder, Zac DeMedio, Jim O’Leary, Chris Gibbons, Matt Custer, and Steve Whisler have joined our writing staff.
  • Rashaad Jorden, Steve Whisler, and as of today, Ryan Rose, have taken turns slotting in behind the scenes as daily editors. In all likelihood, we’ll see site management responsibilities increasingly shift over to these editors.
  • Fans’ View will get new voices this year, including John Fleming and high school soccer player Collin Deckert.
  • New photographer Mikey Reeves got into the mix, shooting Bethlehem Steel’s friendly against Villanova, while videographer Ryan Griffith will join us in May and is already working on new video ideas with PSP’s video editor, Dan Gajdamowicz.

Meanwhile, Peter Andrews set us up for sponsorship through Patreon, and you stepped up big time. Thank you. We didn’t know what to expect, only what to hope. Everything you pitched will go toward paying for the site and expenses, making PSP self-sustainable.

We’re still sorting out internal processes and changing things to account for the different management model, so you’ll still see some bumps in the road. (And if you don’t, it’s only because we’re reacting quickly enough to fix them before you notice!) More changes are still to come.

Look for a readers poll in the near future. It will be different from past ones. Mostly, we’ll be asking for feedback on what works on the site, what doesn’t, what we need more of, etc., as we start to mess around with our layout to improve the reader experience. (For example, you now see video on our sidebar. We haven’t done that for a while, but Dan Gajdamowicz is producing so much quality video that we need some there. But is it enough?)

Also, we could use a graphic designer. More details here. If you’re interested, email me.

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