PSP transition update

Here’s an update for our readers on how things are going with our transition. Normally, most publications wouldn’t do something like this, but the response we’ve gotten from our readers this past week has been so good — and I like the idea of PSP as a community, to be honest — that I figured I’d share.


The response I got to last week’s Help Wanted ad was the best I’ve seen here in years, if ever. Not only did I see a large quantity of volunteers, but the quality is such that I’m pretty stoked to incorporate as many of the volunteers as possible as quickly as we can. We’re talking former newspaper reporters, current freelancers, and a couple of smart guys who seized on what I didn’t think to ask for — video support — and volunteered anyway.

I’m hopeful that we see some of these volunteers get started in the coming days and weeks, with news roundups restarting today and hopefully continuing on a daily basis. (I could use another 1-2 people to incorporate into that rotation.) I’ve gotten such solid prospective volunteers that, if most of them pan out, we should see an improvement in a number of areas this year.

If you reached out to volunteer and haven’t heard back yet, please email me directly at dswalsh@yahoo.com. (We had a little bump in the road with our PSP email forwarding this week — wonderful timing, of course.)

The rest of the transition

We’re still sorting out other matters in the transition, as there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that you never see. I’m hoping to have 1-2 new copy editors start soon, and we’re sorting out some other matters as well. So you’ll still see some bumps in the road, and because it’s preseason still, content won’t be as voluminous as it usually is during the height of MLS season. But we’re getting there.

We appreciate your patience as we sort it out.


  1. Thank you, Dan, and everyone at PSP, and to everyone that volunteered. This site is the lifeblood of many of us, so this update warms my heart!

  2. PSP makes the MLS website look like a source for “Alternate Facts”

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    All of this is great news! Can’t wait to read the new folks! I also would be willing to subscribe $$$. Just throwing it out there again, as something to consider… if it helps at all.

  4. I Am Citizen Insane says:

    Viva la PSP.

  5. Great to hear.
    Don’t be shy about fundraising efforts to retain talent too. I know it’s volunteer but a paid side gig might entice some more

  6. I. Love. This. Site. And I am really picky — about both the quality of analysis AND the quality of writing — so that is high praise.

  7. Thanks to all the people who give time to this site. It truly is a great place to visit! And we have cookies!!

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