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We want you! Help wanted at PSP

Ever wondered what it was like to watch an MLS match from the press box?

Ever wanted to shoot photos of a professional game from the sideline?

Got smart opinions or analysis to share?

Want to help?

The Philly Soccer Page needs volunteer writers, editors and photographers.

If you’re interested, please email Please send 1-3 writing/photography samples, tell us about your soccer and writing/photography backgrounds, and let us know what interests you at PSP. As PSP is run fully by volunteers, we demand only as much time of you as you have to give.

Here are some of the topics we know we want covered, but there is plenty more than this. Basically, if it’s soccer and linked to the Philadelphia media market — which stretches from Delaware and Cape May on north to Trenton and the Poconos and west to Harrisburg — then we’re interested.

  • Philadelphia Union beat writers

We’re looking for writers interested in joining our rotation of beat writers who cover Union matches and news. Home games entail watching games from the press box, writing a match recap, and possibly hitting the locker room after for post-game interviews and video. Away games require the recap and maybe some work on Twitter, although if you’re feeling adventurous, we can get you out on the road to report from arenas around the country. (PSP has visited the press boxes in New York, New England, D.C., Houston, Dallas, San Jose, Kansas City, Portland and more.) If this seems daunting, don’t worry. We have been at this for years and can train you so that, by the time you do your first home game alone, you’ve already taken a few test runs alongside one of our veteran writers.

  • Columnists

PSP wants to add 1-3 columnists to write weekly or biweekly columns about MLS, Philadelphia Union, Bethlehem Steel FC, and other soccer topics tied to the Philadelphia region. By “column,” we mean that this is commentary, analysis, and/or opinion. Columns run about 500-800 words. We’re looking for smart, independent writing.

  • Editors/copy editors

Each weekday morning, we have someone read each post before it goes live, edit and proofread it, and then schedule it to go live. (Much of this can be done the night before when our writers file their pieces early enough.) We’re looking for volunteers to take on this task. Previously, this was done by one managing editor, but we’re willing to break this up with different people taking different days if need be. This can be done in 30-60 minutes each day.

  • Bethlehem Steel FC writer(s)

PSP seeks 1-2 writers to join a rotation for coverage of Bethlehem Steel FC games and a weekly analysis. This is similar to the Union beat writer role, although the spotlight and demands are dialed back a bit. (You need not report every home game from Bethlehem, for example, although it’s preferred if possible.)

  • Daily news roundup curator(s)

PSP seeks writer(s) to round up the day’s big soccer news each morning. These roundups should cover at least 10-12 interesting news stories of the day worth reading, with an emphasis on the local. We can help newcomers by showing them how we’ve historically done it, using Google Alerts to bring the news to your inbox an make the task more efficient. This is the first post PSP runs each weekday morning, and we aim to get it live as early as possible — ideally by 10 a.m.

  • Photographer

PSP seeks a photographer to shoot photos at Bethlehem Steel FC home games and line up as a backup photographer for Philadelphia Union matches. Photographers shoot from the sidelines and have up close access to the matches. This person would logically line up as the first potential replacement on Union games should one of our three lead photographers step aside. Also, this person would potentially be in line to shoot U.S. national team games that take place in the Philadelphia area.

  • Fans’ View

As we do every year, PSP wants to get some new voices into our weekly Fans’ View series. In this feature, each writer writes from the perspective of a fan about the fan experience. Maybe it’s about watching the Union, or maybe you’re a fan of one of the local minor league clubs who can give us some unique insights on that experience. One post per month.

  • Managing editor

We’re looking to groom someone to take over as the site’s manager. This person would run the day-to-day operations of the site. While we do not expect a brand new volunteer to step into this role, we could foresee someone joining as a writer or editor and then, after several months of good work, stepping up to till this lead role. The new managing editor would initially work closely with the site’s former managing editors to learn the job and ensure a smooth transition.

  • Other topics of interest

We’re also looking to add content on college and high school soccer, the local PDL clubs (Ocean City Nor’easters, Reading United, Lehigh Valley United), other amateur soccer and any other soccer topics of note in the Philadelphia area.


  1. 20 years ago, I would have been all in. I hope to God that there are readers out there that have the time to put towards this. We need directed conversations!

  2. I came on board last June to write about the Steel. I do recommend covering home games live if you can, as there is so much more that goes on outside the frame of the live-stream camera that you otherwise miss. Sit high enough in the stands that your vision covers the whole pitch without moving your head. My old eyes no longer manage the distance from the press box to the pitch.
    Dan Walsh is an excellent teacher of writing, journalism- style, says this current student. When he has time, he explains well the reasons why. Working with him would be a good opportunity for professional development in the field, in the opinion of one who is not a professional journalist and is not going to become one.
    I am a retiree with the time to wade through sources on the internet looking for tidbits and clues. The Steel away games I covered last year I did by watching You Tube, live or recorded. Only one broadcast experienced a significant, unrecoverable hiatus among all the games of the Steel’s away schedule.
    I have had a lot of fun doing it, and look forward to learning more about other dimensions of covering the team besides watching games.

  3. Dan,[tried this via email — no luck]
    It might be possible to crowd source transcribing those press conferences.
    A number of volunteers could be scheduled to cover certain pressers. They would know before-hand that they would be responsible for a taped segment [the first or second or third 3 or 4 minute segment, etc.]. Then another would be responsible for “splicing” the text together, where it would probably overlap.
    Just an idea, here, and probably would need fine-tuning to go ahead.

    • No, it’s OK, I got your email. I wrote you back. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s an interesting idea. Not sure if we could efficiently pull it off logistically, but it’s worth keeping in mind as a concept to consider.

  4. To everyone who has reached out about volunteering, thank you. I’m finishing the process of responding to everyone this weekend. As you can probably guess, it’s been a hectic week. 🙂

  5. Love the site, have attempting to contact before, notice majority of links on the right hand side no longer work. The only one that I normally click is the Brotherly Game (SBnation). Could use an update on the links for sure, and could assist if needed.

    • Bill, just seeing your comment now. Shoot me an email at regarding your interest in volunteering.

      I’ve cleaned up some of the links. Certainly didn’t see a majority that didn’t work, but definitely at least one. Let me know any I’ve missed.

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