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Photo: Earl Gardner

We’ve been keeping you up to date on our transition at The Philly Soccer Page over the last month.

We’ve incorporated new writers, editors, and photographers, and we’re excited to have so many high-quality folks on board.

Since 2009, our ragtag team has provided some of the best coverage of Philadelphia soccer and the Philadelphia Union available — anywhere. And we’re proud to keep that going as we enter our eighth full season of Union coverage.

To keep the site going, however, we need more than good content.

It costs money to host the site and pay for server costs. Our volunteers rack up miscellaneous expenses covering the team, and to make the site sustainable, we’re hoping to eventually cover some of them.

Many folks in the comments sections expressed their willingness to support the work we do here through donations. So we’re doing it.

Donate to PSP via Patreon

Today, we’re accepting donations for the first time through the website Patreon. 

Patreon allows anyone who wants to support PSP to make a monthly donation of as little as $1/month.

To be honest, we have no idea whether people will donate. It’s a bit of a leap of faith on our part. We are also exploring the option of running ads on the site through Google’s advertising program. We’ve run ads here before, but this would be the first time we’ll be biting the bullet to run them all the time.

If you enjoy our commentary and analysis of the Union, come here every day for the morning roundup, or just really love Footy on the Telly and our fantastic photography, we hope you’ll pitch in with a donation. You can donate here.

We believe in local, independent, high-quality soccer journalism.

That’s been our goal since we started this site in 2009.

We hope you’ll support us in fulfilling that mission.

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  1. done. super easy. glad to support

  2. You want us to pay for this crap!?!?
    😉 Just kidding. Count me among those addicted to this page! Happy to help!

  3. Tried to but PayPal and everything else was rejected… Anyone else have similar problems?

    • PayPal worked for me. The Patreon website is a little clunky. Make sure your cookies are enabled. Verify your email address by clicking on the link in the message that they send you.

    • The whole site just crashed, so my guess is that whatever was supposed to process it crashed before the rest of the site. Try again when the site is back up.

    • Looks like you first have to confirm your email address before pledging. After confirming my email address the pledge worked.

  4. PSP crashed Patreon! Not really, but the whole site is down for the moment. Great timing >_<

  5. Finally! I can add my 2 cents into the discussion as a ‘patreon’ of PSP. Having been a long-term voyeur, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content, analysis, and discussion threads since its inception.

    Thank you to all the folks who have made this THE best place to follow the Union and Philadelphia area soccer.

  6. Done and glad to do it. Keep up the great work!

  7. Happy to help out some of the best coverage of Philadelphia Union and local soccer. Thanks PSP!

  8. Fun to see how the number of patrons is growing during the day

  9. Just pledged my support too. Thanks to everyone at PSP for all you do.

  10. OneManWolfpack says:

    I will definitely be donating when I get paid this week. Happy to support the best soccer site there is 🙂

  11. el Pachyderm says:

    At what level of entry do I receive the free gift? There is a free gift right? Meet and great with The Great Fontana, Old pair of skinny pants from the skipper, that damn sweet black warmup jacket from last season, an afternoon in the whirlpool down Union Way, a chance to throw marshmallows at Kevin Kinkhead or better– a bag of onions at Tommy… Come on Come on- The Goods.

    • when all is said and done you know damn well that a pair of those skinny trousers are going to hang in the hall of fame…

    • Um … well … uh … we didn’t really think of that.

      (… paging Peter Andrews …)

      We’ll get back to you on that. We’ll come up with something.

    • Put Kevin, Ernie, and/or Curtin in a dunk tank on the Dogfishhead River Deck before a game. Buck-a-chuck.
      You’ll fund the site for a long time.
      I’m in for a few sheckles a month. This is an incredible resource for fans.

  12. Also general or title sponsor would be cool too.

  13. Finally indeed!

  14. Fun story: I canceled my hulu a month or two ago and I decided to spend the money gained from hulu, on Patreon. I like the idea of giving my money to some writers and youtubers that I read and watch.

    I am so happy to contribute and I am glad you opened a page. Consider me subscribed!

  15. Ask not what your blog can DOOP for you.
    Ask what you can DOOP for your blog.
    Thus have I DOOPed. With pleasure, and humility, and gusto, and profound appreciation, and WOULD THIS SEASON KICK OFF ALREADY?!

  16. Doop.

  17. Dan Walsh says:

    By the way, to everyone who has donated so far, thank you. A bigger thank you will come later, but I wanted to make sure you all know we noticed. 🙂

  18. OneManWolfpack says:

    Not to toot my own horn (ok it is!), but I just donated and I am happy to do it. Keep up the good work EVERYONE!! Thank you for all the hard work. I am literally on this site every day. It’s the least I can do!

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