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Photo by Earl Gardner
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PSP Seven-a-side draft: Let’s be friends

In the last of our seven-a-side squads, Peter Andrews unveils his roster of nice guys.


PSP Seven-a-side Draft: The captain’s crew

Jeremy Lane picks his side, focusing on the middle of the park.


PSP Seven-a-side draft: Designed for huge, open, outdoor space

Former Bethlehem Steel FC lead writer Tim Jones picks his squad for seven-a-side matches to be played outdoors in lots of open space.


PSP’s seven-a-side Draft: SC Owls

Chris Gibbons designed a logo for his team, so you know it’s serious.

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PSP Seven-a-side Draft: small team, simple strategy

Our seven-a-side series continues with Jim O’Leary’s squad.

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PSP Seven-a-side Draft: Steve Holroyd

The first of our seven-a-side teams is anchored by the first pick in the draft, Ilsinho.

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PSP Seven-a-side Draft: Introduction

An introduction to PSP’s draft of seven-a-side teams from the Union’s all-time roster.