2014 World Cup

World Cup: Recaps

Keeping up with the Cup: Days 2-4

A wonderful weekend of World Cup action saw creativity and attacking intent take center stage in Brazil.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Cameroon

We come to our second teams in many different ways. Staci Klemmer support of Cameroon began when she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa.

2014 World Cup / World Cup

World Cup Preview: USMNT v Ghana

With two counterattacking teams facing off, expect a cagey start in USA v Ghana. But with both teams needing the win, the fireworks might start late.

World Cup: Recaps

Keeping up with the Cup: Day 1

We hadn’t planned on pulling out the ol’ Geiger Counter until the man himself took center stage for the Colombia-Greece matchup on Saturday. But, alas, Yuichi Nishimura performance in the Brazil vs. Croatia World Cup opener gives us little choice.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Germany

Obviously, we’ll all root against Germany when they play the US. But, as Ben Tracy writes, when that isn’t the case, there are plenty of reason to cheer for die Mannschaft.

World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Group Stage – Round 1

With the World Cup finally upon us, PSP begins our tournament-long competition against members of the Philadelphia Union and the local soccer media to see whose ability to predict results reigns supreme.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Brazil

With the World Cup kicking off today, native Brazilian Lavinia DeCastro Walsh explains why you should root for Brazil as your second team. PSP’s series on second teams to cheer in the World Cup continues.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Australia

PSP’s series on second World Cup teams you should support continues with Australia, who Chris Luczowiak says is the cool little brother you just might have had.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Nigeria

After winning the African Cup of Nations in 2013, Nigeria comes into the World Cup boasting a stout, organized defense mixed with plenty attacking flair. Guest contributor Amobi Okugo makes the case that Nigeria has the best chance for success in Brazil of any African team.

Featured / World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Forget the game itself. Think of what the soccer can do. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it can do something far larger than sports itself. That’s why, if you’re going to root for any team in the World Cup other than the U.S., PSP’s Dan Walsh thinks it’s these guys.