Nowak blasts lack of discipline
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Nowak blasts lack of discipline

“It needs to stop.” After Sunday’s 0-2 loss to FC Dallas which saw three Union players issued with red cards, Peter Nowak has some strong words to say to those on the field and on the bench.

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Islanders Open Pre-Season

The open tryouts have ended, the camp roster is shaping up, and the Harrisburg City Islanders are headed full steam into the pre-season. 32 players suited up at In The Net, outside of Harrisburg on Monday, and the competition will be fierce.

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The Philly Soccer Page upgrade

The Philly Soccer Page has been seriously upgraded, with new features and a more local focus now that the domestic soccer season is starting. For the full rundown, read on.

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The role of MLS

The United States rarely settles for second place. Will MLS ever grow into a league that can compete with those in footy-crazy countries? And will US fans be happy with a league that accepts its role as a feeder system for larger leagues and a buyer of over-the-hill stars?

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“Most MLS players can’t play abroad” debunked

As some skeptics talk about a potential Major League Soccer strike, it’s become common to say MLS is the only league many of the league’s players could make it in in, as if to say, “Strike here, and you won’t play anywhere.” Here’s how Philadelphia Union proves otherwise.

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Philadelphia, unions, & why you should’ve known

Philadelphia Union sounds like a great name for a club, absent of context. Too bad about the context. A PSP reader sent me an email today titled, “Is my Seattle trip in jeopardy?”

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Roger Torres signing part of larger trend in MLS

In signing young midfielder Roger Torres, Philadelphia Union are taking part in a growing trend in MLS: Bringing in Colombian talent, especially that of the young variety.

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Union add Columbian midfielder to roster

The Union have added Colombian midfielder Roger Torres to the roster in what’s becoming typical of the club’s way of doing business in training camp: Keep things quiet, except, you know, when they don’t want to.