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International absences this weekend

The International break will stretch both professional rosters thinly this weekend.

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US Open Cup: West Chester United 0 – 2 Maryland Bobcats

Southeastern Pennsylvania soccer side West Chester United SC lost 2-0 to the Maryland Bobcats in the first round of the US Open Cup on Tuesday night.

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Union II roster addendum

For the first time since the pandemic hit and Philadelphia Union II left the USL Championship, in advance of the season the club has provided a thorough Union II roster update to members of the media. It does not address first team reserves. But it enumerates all Union II professionals. […]

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Union II’s roster at the beginning of 2024

PSP anticipates who is most likely to play for Philadelphia Union II during the first phase of its 2024 season.


The latest on loan-aways

PSP updates how the five organization loan-aways are doing in 2024.

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A bigger Subaru Park? Temper your expectations

With Subaru Park expansion plans on the table again, what could the team do to grow capacity?


Tanner 2.0 Taking Shape for Transitions

First gleanings about the transition towards the Union’s next five-year cycle.

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Bedoya signing completes roster build

An unofficial estimate of what the first team’s roster will be at the beginning of its various regular seasons.

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Who will back up Andre Blake?

Tim Jones takes a deep dive into the question of Andre Blake’s new backup.

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The Union add a right back candidate

Tim Jones discusses what acquisition of the new Bolivian right back might mean.