Analysis / Union

A mid-season assessment of the Union’s signings

Examining the Union’s off-season roster moves as the second half of the season begins and considering what further moves might be made.

Analysis / Union

Analysis: Union sign striker Andrew Wooten

What to make of the Wooten signing? PSP’s Peter Andrews breaks it down.


Steel’s “on loan” players at mid-season

PSP assesses the Bethlehem Steel 2019 players that are on loan trying to earn contracts to remain with the club for the next 12 to 24 months.

Analysis / Union

We need to talk about Marco

After playing fewer than a third of available minutes this season, the Union’s biggest signing is becoming a concern.

Coach Burke at the end of the Nashville match 6/9/19

Assessing Bethlehem’s contract players at mid-season

The mid-year analysis of Bethlehem’s players, begun last Thursday with the first-teamers who come down, continues with those under contract to the Steel.

Analysis / Match stats / Postgame

Postgame analysis: Philadelphia Union 3-2 New York Red Bulls

PSP’s Shayan Waseh breaks down the good (Ilsinho) and the bad (late runners) from Saturday’s big win.


The countdown clock for Union prospects

Planning for the future is a continuous process, and by a season’s midpoint conversations are very likely underway about the next season’s roster. PSP begins its customary mid-season roster analysis with the first-teamers who usually come down to Bethlehem for their game minutes.

Analysis / Feature / Opinion / Union Academy

The current state of Philadelphia Union’s homegrown players

The Union traded away Derrick Jones, the club’s first Academy product, last month. Who might be next to go? PSP’s Sean Griswold evaluates the Academy products in or near the first team.


Charting how the Union and Bethlehem were assembled for 2019

Ever wanted to see how the Union and Steel rosters were constructed in visual form? Tim Jones provides a chart-based look at both teams.

Analysis / Commentary

Postgame analysis: Philadelphia Union 1-3 Portland Timbers

What can the Union learn from the Portland match? PSP’s Shayan Waseh examines the club’s first loss since early April.